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How to Stay Mentally Healthy at Work | Workplays Blog

How to Stay Mentally Healthy at Work

How can you stay mentally healthy at work?

  1. Don’t Skip on Lunch Breaks
  2. Set Boundaries
  3. Play Music
  4. Socialize
  5. Keep a Clean and Organized Workspace
  6. Ask for Help When Needed


More working professionals are embracing “hustle culture” and becoming further immersed in their jobs over the years. True enough, in some instances having the drive to work your hardest, is a good thing. However, this has become the standard for many to gauge mental health, which shouldn’t be the case at all. Ignoring this can lead to burnout and even more serious mental health issues. Don’t wait until this happens before you take action. You should always know how to stay mentally healthy at work, more so during these times. The impacts of the pandemic can lead to even more stress and strain. Here are some seven simple strategies to keep yourself mentally healthy at work:


Don’t Skip Lunch on Breaks

Don’t Skip Lunch on Breaks

With all the tasks you have to do within the day, it can be so easy to overlook your lunch break, especially if you are working from home. Lunch breaks are implemented for a reason and are far more important than you realize. It allows your mind to recharge, rest, and refocus. Lunch breaks or eating on your table doesn’t count. Make sure that you devote your lunch breaks to yourself and eating a proper meal.


Set Boundaries

Most make the mistake of not setting any boundaries between work and their personal life. But this is one of the biggest contributors to workplace burnout. Setting boundaries and practicing a good work-life balance is extremely important for your health and well-being.

Devote working hours exclusively for work. Clock in and clock out on time, and do not work afterward.


Play Music

Caucasian man taking a break from work by listening to music

If your job allows it, consider playing music that you enjoy while working. You will feel better, calmer, and it may relieve stress and pressure.



Feeling isolated at home? Or maybe you’ve been too busy keeping up with your tasks in the office. If so, try socializing more with your colleagues during breaks. Interacting with others will boost your mood and feelings of well-being. Sharing a good laugh or a great conversation could go a long way for your mood.


Keep a Clean and Organized Workspace

Beautiful young woman using her laptop at home.

Disorganization and clutter have negative effects on the brain. Plus, no one wants to work in an unhygienic and messy workplace. Make sure to throw away your trash immediately and don’t let clutter accumulate on your desk. A clean and organized workspace will improve focus and boost working memory


As for Help When Needed

Handling tasks independently is the key to achieving your work goals. However, if there’s too much on your plate, and you struggle to understand a certain task, asking for help is never a bad thing. Ask for help when it is needed and don’t let stress pile up.


Key Takeaway

Knowing how to stay mentally healthy at work will definitely keep you happier and healthier. Never make the mistake of overlooking your mental well-being in the midst of working hard to achieve your work goals. Looking for a healthy environment to start working in? Click here to read more about Workplays!

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