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Features & Benefits

Fresh New Place to Work

Sick of working in a cubicle? We've got a tree and swings in the middle of our coworking space that you just have to try!

A Community Of Ideas

The internet can only offer so much. Our coworking space is filled with different kinds of people with different skill sets and ideas.

Coffee, Internet, Electricity, Water

It's all for free. We've got it covered. All you need to pay is our daily or monthly rate. What can be better than artisan coffee and free internet?

In addition, we have a 200mpbs fibr connection with a private dedicated redundancy that can be utilized if the main connection went down. This ensures that work is always fast and efficient.

More For Your Business

Whether you are coworking with us for a day or renting our virtual office for a year, you save up time, effort and money - tons of it. Our office spaces and desks are ready to use and are beautifully designed.

Too good to be true? Drop by and get a closer look.

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