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5 Signs Of Stress At Work

5 Signs Of Stress At Work

5 Signs Of Stress At Work

What are the signs of stress at work?

  1. Mood swings
  2. Becoming withdrawn
  3. Less motivation, initiative, and creativity
  4. Headaches and fatigue
  5. Skin problems

Almost all employees work hard at their job. At their best, they can do what they’re being paid to do really well. But as the stress levels go up, some employees start performing below what they’re capable of. And it’s usually those who don’t detect the signs of stress at work that get affected badly.

Sometimes, we got so engrossed in our work that we don’t notice how much it’s already affecting our bodies, our minds, the output that we produce, and even our relationships. That’s why we should know the signs of too much stress so we can address them properly.

Here, we talk about some signs that you should look out for at work to know if you’re getting way too stressed. Keep reading to learn more!

Mood Swings

Mood Swings

Have you had to deal with an irate coworker? Cut them some slack. Maybe they’re experiencing more stress than they can take. One of the biggest signs of stress at work is if they start having mood swings even if they normally don’t.

Stress can easily overwhelm us, and it could translate to being irritable or snapping at people. You could also become too emotional. Do you become tearful at small things? Do you suddenly get aggressive? Maybe it’s a sign of excessive stress. This not only affects productivity, but also the morale of the rest of the team, so it’s best to address this problem right away and take some time off.

Becoming Withdrawn

In addition to the occasional mood swing, you might find yourself being withdrawn when you’re too stressed. Everything becomes too tiring and even interacting with your teammates could become too much for you. When was the last time you chatted casually with a coworker? Have you recently turned down anyone who tried to start a conversation with you? Try checking yourself and assess if the stress is getting to you.

Less Motivation, Initiative, and Creativity

The double-edged sword of stress will also affect how much you want to work. As mentioned earlier, it can affect the amount and quality of your work, no matter how competent you are. If you don’t handle stress well, you could notice that you no longer enjoy what you are doing or that everything seems monotonous.

Headaches and Fatigue

Headaches and Fatigue

Stress can definitely affect our physical health in more ways than we realize. Getting too stressed at work could lead to headaches, sometimes even migraines. If you’ve been popping a painkiller pill for your headache a bit too often recently, it could be caused by stress.

Excessive levels of stress would also leave you feeling tired all of the time, especially if you’re losing sleep because of work.

Skin Problems

Because of stress, your skin could develop disorders. Developing an acne breakout because of stress is more common than you think. The problem with this is it could affect your self-esteem as well, pushing you down the negative spiral even more. To avoid getting these disorders, try keeping yourself healthy and managing your stress so it doesn’t affect you too badly.

Key Takeaway

With all these signs of stress at work, you would be surprised when you experience them but don’t notice them. They creep up at you and you’ll see in hindsight that it should have been obvious. Still, being aware of the signs and being vigilant towards yourself helps in preventing any worse effects.

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