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Coworking Space Las Piñas
Coworking Space in Las Pinas

How To Maximize Your Coworking Space in Las Piñas

Freelancers and entrepreneurs opt for coworking spaces in Las Piñas to complete daily tasks, meet deadlines, and hit peak productivity hours. Most individuals and even small companies choose to settle in a shared workplace to make the most out of the day. There is a new generation of workers that settles shared offices to avoid traffic and the general hardships of commuting.

Traffic is becoming additionally challenging each day. Despite the development of new highways and tollways, the traffic-driven epidemic causes corporate people to arrive late at work. While there isn’t much one can do to lessen the traffic, there is one option to avoid the problem. It is to choose to work in a coworking space in Las Piñas. This way, travel time is reduced and productivity is increased.

People living south of Metro Manila are starting to take their location into consideration. While people used to be open to waking up early for 5-hour bus rides to get to work on time, many have greatly considered working close to their home. Here are the reasons why it is more advantageous to work in a shared workplace nearby.

Advantages Of Working Close To Home


One can consider that work starts the moment you step out of your house and ends until you are back home. While work hours are routinely eight to nine hours, they massively increase when the travel time or commute duration is factored in.

Traffic is becoming a burden. Instead of arriving on time for work, people arrive one to two hours late at the most. The amount of time spent being stuck in traffic could have been opportunities to be productive in the office. Thus, if you are from the South of the Metro, choose to work in an office space in Alabang to obtain these benefits you will never obtain from working in another city.

Increased Productivity and Reduced Stress

Arriving at work in a better mood will more likely allow you to perform well and think clearly. Your productivity levels within the day are increased.

You might never notice, but while taking public transportation can be convenient, the long hours can be draining. When you get to work, you feel less energized. That is because of your stagnant situation during your commute. Your body and mind are strained due to traffic, but since you are programmed to work and accomplish your daily tasks, you devote less attention to it.

Moreover, even car owners may experience the equivalent level of stress, but in a different way. The hassle of looking for a parking spot and having to encounter roadblocks or irresponsible drivers down the road can make a person irritable. Thus, they bring the attitude and the vibe to work. This may lead to a decline in productivity.

Contribution to a Better Environment

More and more activists are promoting the responsible use of automobiles to reduce gas emissions that destroy our ozone. One prominent factor that adds to the destruction of the environment is car pollution. Cars emit gases that cause global warming and harm human health. Thus, less time in the car signifies less time contributing to emissions. You can help conserve the environment if you live in the South of the Metro and work in a nearby office or a coworking space in Alabang.

Save Money on Gas

Not only do you save the environment, you also save money. The oil industry in the country is unstable due to many factors. While the fluctuation in price is one reason for it, the resources are thinning and depleting by day. Thus, hikes in gas prices occur constantly and burns a hole in your pocket. Working in a shared workplace nearby will allow you to save money meant for fuel.

Improved Personal Health

Besides reduced stress levels, you improve your personal health when you spend your time resting instead of waking up very early to avoid traffic. The main reason why Filipinos get home tired from work is because of the considerable amount of time they spend in traffic.

Enhanced Work/Life Balance

Working near home gives you the flexibility necessary to balance work and personal life effectively. When you live only a few minutes or a couple of blocks away from a shared workplace, you are in a more ideal situation to obtain several advantages. Ultimately, it allows you great overtime opportunities while still enjoying the time to spend with your family. In case of emergencies, it is much effortless for you to run back home to attend to the situation. Moreover, you are in advantage of reporting to work if your job demands it.

Tips To Get The Most Out Of A Coworking Space


While it is obvious you can utilize amenities included in your rent (enjoy free coffee to your heart’s content and connect to the Wi-Fi for as long as you need) there are other ways to obtain more benefits. Be part of the community, participate in private workshops, and properly socialize with other occupants to invariably make the most out of the coworking space.

Know The Management

Workplaces have a community manager or key people that keep their finger on the pulse of the culture and environment. Since shared workplaces are home to several companies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, a culture that is respectful of each other’s purpose is necessary.

Knowing the present culture will enable you to adapt quickly to the environment of the shared workplace. This way, you are more comfortable working around and using the amenities you are entitled to.

Socialization, the Professional Way

The purpose of a shared workplace is to foster and nurture small entrepreneurs and freelancers. It is a place conducive for collaboration.

Socializing is one advantage of working in a coworking space. When you socialize in a traditional office environment, you are just sourcing the same information about the business and industry you are working in. Whereas in a shared workplace, you end up having conversations with individuals that work in entirely different nature of jobs.

More importantly, remember that you must respect the workplace by creating professional relationships only. Despite the open space, professionalism must be maintained.

Attend Networking Events

Networking events and activities that are held in shared workspaces include professional guest speakers. The topics and themes vary — from finance to literature, all entrepreneurs and freelancers occupying the space are invited to join.

Aside from attending talks, there are also workshops and mini-courses. These are great avenues to establish a relationship with other occupants as you participate in group work. You will never know the kind of people you meet, as well as the lessons and skills you might learn along the way.

Be Part of The Community

To fully obtain the benefits of the workplace, you must align yourself with the culture of the environment. Be part of the community and look for opportunities to connect. Do not isolate yourself within the parameter of the room you are occupying, go out and use meeting rooms. Try the free artisan coffee provided and make use of the spaces within the open area. This way, you are exposing yourself to the creative environment of the shared workplace.

Use Location To Your Advantage With WorkPlays In Las Piñas

A coworking space in Las Piñas like WorkPlays is located in an advantageous area. Working in these areas puts you in a better position for a number of reasons — one of which is transit. It is easy to get to the office if you live nearby. No more waking up hours earlier than office time just to get a ride and avoid traffic. Second, the resources available that you can fully utilize. From amenities to workshops and seminars.