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Office Space for Rent BF Homes Paranaque
Why Entrepreneurs Rent Office Spaces in Paranaque

Why Entrepreneurs Rent Office Spaces in BF Paranaque

BF Homes in Paranaque City is known as the largest community in Asia. Despite being gated, it has flourished over the years since its inception, becoming a successful hub of activity even today. 

Private schools, car shops, wet markets, barber and beauty shops, spas, clinics, gyms, gas stations, supermarkets, and coworking spaces – you name it, it’s there.

Coworking spaces especially. For the uninformed, it offers for rent or for lease office spaces for companies, including startups. They become really popular because they provide these entities practical packages that they could take advantage of.

WorkPlays is a coworking space located at the heart of an already thriving community, built with the utmost comfort in mind when it comes to both location and utility. Here are our packages, together with their benefits and prices:

Prices & Packages

For Benefits Price
Solo/Freelancer Public area access
Individual pass
Free use of the conference room
Free use of wi-fi
Free coffee
₱ 360/half-day
₱ 600/daily
₱ 5,400/monthly
Startup Company Public area access
5 person pass
Free use of the conference room
Free use of wi-fi
Free coffee
Customized area based on your preference
₱ 51,600/monthly
₱ 48,000/mo. for 6 mos. lock-in
₱ 40,800/mo. for 1 year lock-in
Events Public area access
Free use of wi-fi
Free coffee
₱ 7,200/4 hours
₱ 13,800/8 hours
Meeting Room Private room access
8 person pass
Free use of the conference room
Free use of wi-fi
Free coffee
₱ 1080/hour
₱ 3,000/4 hours
₱ 5,400/daily


Development of BF Homes

Back in 1964, a man named Tomas Aguirre, with financial support from the family business (Agencia de Empeños de Aguirre), founded Banco Filipino. Within 2 years, it became the premier bank of the Philippines. With its success, Aguirre used the earning as a capital to venture into land development since he already has his other businesses in the finance, real estate, construction, marketing, insurance, and water utilities industries.

He had a great idea to put up a community to the South of Manila where people can reside in to get away from the crowds and congestion of Makati, Manila, and Quezon City. At the same time, he also wanted schools and offices be accessible to families, professionals, and students.

Thus, the idea of BF Homes Incorporated (BFHI) was born; a large gated community with homes, offices, businesses, malls, and schools. The “BF” part stands for Banco Filipino which Aguirre placed in order to make use of his bank’s well-known name, although it wasn’t named that at first. It went by the names Las Piñas BF Homes and Parañaque BF Homes initially before taking up BFHI.

Opening of The Largest Community in Asia

This community takes up a humungous piece land worth 765-hectares that it encompasses 3 cities: Parañaque. Las Piñas, and Muntinlupa. Most of the land is made up of Barangay San Dionisio in Parañaque with small portions of Muntinlupa and Las Piñas. Since it was formed in these three cities, it became known as the southern branch of BF Homes (its sister branches are located in Quezon City, Caloocan, and Naga).

This southern branch was divided further based on the cities it is on. The Las Piñas side of it is known as “Las Piñas BF Homes” while the Parañaque and Muntinlupa portions were labeled at “Parañaque BF Homes.” The properties began to be up for sale when the whole village opened in 1968. The result was astonishing as property by property were sold like hotcakes. As the properties were completely vended, the whole subdivision held its first owner’s meeting in December 1969. The meeting was held in a clubhouse that can still be found today in #37 Pilar Banzon Street and remains to be the main office of BFHI.

While this village began to thrive, Aguirre started to work on more land around Las Piñas. He created three more subdivisions which he named BF Almanza, BF Resort, and Pilar Village. Although the names are confusing, this is completely separated from both Las Piñas BF Homes and Parañaque BF Homes. It goes to show how important Aguirre’s role was in the formation of many communities in the South of Manila.

Commercial Popularity

By the 1970s, Las Piñas BF Homes and Parañaque BF Homes were renamed into BFHI for the sake of a simpler name. It was also during that time when it already made a name for itself as a great place to hold a residence in. This was because it was the first gated community to have the following among many other commercial features such as:

  • A convenience store
  • A movie theater known as Torama Theater
  • A bowling alley

To have these inside a gated community was completely new at the time but it was a welcome addition to many satisfied and happy residents.

Aguirre’s son, Anthony Aguirre, also had major contributions to the community since he also established two 4-star hotels here which are the El Grande Hotel and the Tropical Palace Resort. These were founded in the Las Piñas portion of BFHI.

Ferdinand Marcos and “Barangay BF Homes”

BFHI underwent a sort of makeover in 1978. By the order of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, the portion of BHFI in Parañaque City was separated and paired up with its neighboring subdivisions. It was later renamed as “Barangay BF Homes.” Meanwhile, both the Las Piñas and Muntinlupa portion still remained to be referred to as “BFHI.” However, this was registered as part of Parañaque City for the earlier years because of Marcos’ decree.

The BF Homeowners Association and the Subdivisions

In 1985, Tomas Aguirre had fallen out of favor with the government, specifically with the Marcos administration. This ultimately led him and his family to flee to the United States of America. As for Banco Filipino, he cited insolvency and ceased all its operations.

As Tomas Aguirre has not returned in the Philippines for many years, the full control of BFHI was then transferred to the homeowners in March 1989. This new managing body of the village was dubbed United BF Homeowners Association Incorporated (UBFHAI). Despite the turnover, Aguirre and BFHI still hold their shares in the land and the whole subdivision.

Ever since the control of the subdivision landed in the hands of the residents, a number of changes took place in order to satisfy the previous resident concerns. The major change that happened was the building of walls and separation of streets. This led to BF Homes being divided into multiple small villages within one community for added security measures for the residents. A total 82 enclaves were made; each with its very own association. The largest of which is BF Northwest with 53 hectares that hold a total of 800 houses.

Opening of Aguirre Road to the Public

In the interest of easing up the traffic in the South of Metro Manila and to make the commercial areas of BF Homes still accessible, the government made Aguirre Avenue a commercial zone that is open to the public. Given that the village was divided into 82 separate villages with their own security measures, they deemed it safe to do so. This made Aguirre Avenue the prime area for one to put up a business as well as other public areas, such as El Grande and President’s Avenue. As a result, any well planned business venture was successful inside the premises of BF Homes.

Rise of Office Spaces for Rent in BF Homes


Since majority of the public areas of BF Homes are definitely a hotspot to place any business, many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the place by setting up small enterprises around the area. This is the main reason why business minded people look for office spaces for rent in BF Homes. The most popular industries that can be seen in the area are retail, food, and Korean products.


Many Koreans can be seen living in BF Homes. Here, it is said that Korean homes or businesses can be found only every 5 or 6 doors apart from each other. Although the truth of this is still not proven, it is a good metaphor to show how many of these expats live in the area. It is definitely seen in the presence of their establishments. When one passes through Aguirre Avenue, he will see a multitude of Korean restaurants, churches, and groceries. With Korean culture being so popular nowadays, it is no wonder why people flock this area so much. The thing Filipinos love the most about their culture is the food, which has greatly contributed to the reputation of BF Homes as a Food Strip.

Food Strip

What transformed BF Homes into a bustling commercial haven is the rise of many delicious restaurants. Many of these started as families with small stalls that sell food to their neighbors. The dishes that they vend are made with their best family recipes, which in turn, gained popularity as unique and delicious dining experiences in the area that are definitely a must try. Thanks to the internet and simple word of mouth, people started to travel all the way to BF Homes from far places in order to please their palates. Eventually, these small businesses that started in this professionally encouraging area would grow to have branches all over. Some of these restaurants now bring the best tapsilog and cake to all places of Manila and its neighboring cities.

Even the bigger restaurants have begun to seek office spaces for rent in BF Homes in order to take advantage of the good traffic that their businesses can acquire.

Shopping Centers

A few of the biggest names in business arrived in BF Homes in the form of malls. Many of these popular shopping centers have put their name up in the area with mini-malls in and around the village. There are even a few that have no previously known name looking to start their empire in the commercial haven known as BF Homes.

However, the residents of BF Homes are still very loyal to the local tiangge that has served them so well over the years. This is a permanent bazaar-type establishment that has extremely affordable products – which ranges from clothing, electronics, luxury items, food, and multiple computer services.

BF Homes Today

Today, BF Homes has over 12,000 houses that hold around 75,000 residents. This makes its population larger than many municipalities and some cities; the Municipality of Pateros has 62,000 and Vigan City has 47,000.

With such a great number of potential customers in this commercial-residential district, it is the perfect place to set up a business, specifically office spaces for rent in BF Homes. The location will be convenient to all 75,000 residents.

The village is now considered to be a “self-contained community.” This means that everything a family would ever need can be found within their village. Aside from the aforementioned business and numerous office spaces for rent, BF Homes also have the following:

  • Private Schools
  • Car Shops
  • Wet Market
  • Barber Shops
  • Beauty Shops
  • Spas
  • Clinics
  • Gyms
  • Gas Station
  • Supermarkets
  • Sports Venues
  • Police Station
  • Fire Station
  • Barangay Hall
  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
  • Churches

Why Location is Important for Start-ups


Starting up a business is a scary endeavor because your lifetime savings could go down the drain if it isn’t planned well. The location is the key to doing this right. You have to make sure that it is accessible, affordable, and feasible.

In terms of accessibility, it has to be convenient and comfortable for customers to go to. It also must allow businesses a means to market themselves well, so storefront locations are much better.

Expenses are also determined by location. Popular areas may be more expensive but the traffic it obtains is worth it if marketed properly. Less known areas are cheaper but will be harder to attract customers to.

Taxes also differ geographically and so do the laws and regulations. These can affect the permits and licenses one needs to run a business. Not to mention, there will be a monthly amount needed to be paid that also varies based on your business’ location. Zoning laws can also hinder constructions in terms of factors such as size.

With BF Homes being a commercial hub for all, there are multiple options that entrepreneurs can go for to fit their business needs. BF Homes, being an attraction for a lot of people, is definitely accessible not only to South people, but also to people in other parts of the Metro. As for the affordability and marketability aspect, there are a number of spaces that you can rent, most especially when you are looking for the best office space for rent in BF Homes.

Key Takeaway

If you are looking for a convenient, vibrant, and tranquil coworking space for your business, then look no further as WorkPlays is the place to be. WorkPlays caters to all business minded people – whether you are a venturing freelancer, budding start-up company, or a business mogul.

This coworking space is located at the heart of Aguirre Avenue: the main road for commercial success in the South. What makes WorkPlays stand out among other coworking space in the Metro is that it highly promotes productivity and efficiency among working individuals while they are having fun.

Furthermore, it has several perks that you will surely enjoy while you are working; some of these include:

  • Free coffee, tea, water
  • High-speed internet with redundancy (backup)
  • Fully air-conditioned rooms
  • Private restrooms
  • An overall modern design and feel
  • 40,800/mo. 1 year lock-in (all in, meaning no need to pay for electricity, water, and internet separately)
  • Up to 5 pax can fit comfortably in a pod
  • Chill smoking area in the balcony
  • Standing desks
  • Weatherproof outlets (if you prefer to work outside for fresh air)

Too good to be true?

Come pay us a visit us at 3rd floor of C&C Building, Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Paranaque City. You can also check out our rates here or walk right in!