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Office Space for Rent BF Homes Paranaque
Why Entrepreneurs Rent Office Spaces in Paranaque

Office Space for Rent in BF Homes, Paranaque: WorkPlays

BF Homes in Paranaque City is known as the largest gated community in Asia. Despite being gated, it is one of the most successful hubs of activity in Metro Manila today. 

All sorts of businesses thrive here—private schools, wet markets, barbershops, spas, clinics, gyms, gas stations, supermarkets, and coworking spaces—you name it, it’s there.

It’s a good idea to look for office space for rent in BF Homes, as the hustle and bustle of the area provide many advantages that workers and companies alike can take advantage of. 

Why Entrepreneurs Rent Office Spaces in BF Paranaque

Need a place to work? Office space for rent in Paranaque is a great choice. Here, you’ll be placed at the heart of an already thriving community, built with the utmost comfort in mind when it comes to both location and utility.

Prices & Packages

When it comes to the prices for an office space for rent in Paranaque, WorkPlays offers the best packages, together with its benefits and prices:

For Benefits Price
Solo/Freelancers Public area access
Individual pass
Free use of the conference room
Free use of wi-fi
Free coffee
₱ 360/half-day
₱ 600/daily
₱ 5,400/monthly
Startup Companies Public area access
5 person pass
Free use of the conference room
Free use of wi-fi
Free coffee
Customized area based on your preference
₱ 51,600/monthly
₱ 48,000/mo. for 6 mos. lock-in
₱ 40,800/mo. for 1 year lock-in
Events Public area access
Free use of wi-fi
Free coffee
₱ 7,200/4 hours
₱ 13,800/8 hours
Meeting Room Private room access
8 person pass
Free use of the conference room
Free use of wi-fi
Free coffee
₱ 1080/hour
₱ 3,000/4 hours
₱ 5,400/daily

Commercial Popularity

The location of BF Homes makes this office space for rent popular due to the area’s commercial popularity. By the 1970s, Las Piñas BF Homes and Paranaque BF Homes already made a name for themselves as a great place to hold a residence in. This was because it was the first gated community to have the following among many other commercial features such as convenience stores, a movie theater known as Torama Theater, and a bowling alley.

Since then, major developments opening to the general public have made this area of Paranaque a thriving commercial area. Aguirre Avenue, El Grande, and President’s Avenue in particular are the prime areas in Paranaque for an office space for rent, and to start up a business. As a result, any well-planned business venture was successful inside the premises of BF Homes. Even the bigger companies have begun to seek office spaces for rent in BF Homes to take advantage of the good traffic that their businesses can acquire.

Ideal Location for Businesses

Since the majority of the public areas of BF Homes are definitely hotspots for any business, many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the place by setting up small enterprises around the area. Proximity to other great businesses can be extremely beneficial for you and your employees. This is the main reason why many look for office spaces for rent in BF Homes. 

What really transformed BF Homes into a commercial haven is the rise of many delicious restaurants—from family recipes to unique and delicious dining experiences, there are many places to eat in the area that are definitely a must-try. Lots of people even travel to BF Homes from far places to please their palates.

Aside from great eats, some of the biggest names in business arrived in BF Homes in the form of malls. Many of these popular shopping centers have put up mini-malls in and around the village. You can find anything from clothing to electronics in these areas — which is something that can help you and your growing business!

Why Location is Important for Start-ups

Starting up a business is a scary endeavor because your life savings could go down the drain if it isn’t planned well. The location is the key to doing this right. You have to make sure that it is accessible, affordable, and feasible.

In terms of accessibility, it has to be convenient and comfortable for customers to go to. It also must allow businesses a means to market themselves well, so storefront locations are much better.

Expenses are also determined by location. Popular areas may be more expensive but the traffic they obtain is worth it if marketed properly. Less known areas are cheaper but will be harder to attract customers to.

With BF Homes being a commercial hub for all, there are multiple options that entrepreneurs can go for to fit their business needs. BF Homes, being an attraction for a lot of people, is definitely accessible for people in other parts of Metro Manila. As for the affordability and marketability aspect, there are several spaces that you can rent, most especially when you are looking for the best office space for rent in BF Homes.

Choose WorkPlays as Your Office for Rent in Paranaque!

With such a great number of potential customers in this commercial-residential district, WorkPlays—located in Aguirre Avenue—is the perfect place to set up a business, specifically office spaces for rent in BF Homes. 

Other aspects of WorkPlays that help it stand out among other coworking spaces in Metro Manila is that it highly promotes productivity and efficiency among working individuals while they are having fun.

Furthermore, it has several perks that you will surely enjoy while you are working; some of these include:

  • Free coffee, tea, water
  • High-speed internet with redundancy (backup)
  • Fully air-conditioned rooms
  • Private restrooms
  • An overall modern design and feel
  • 40,800/mo. 1-year lock-in (all in, meaning no need to pay for electricity, water, and internet separately)
  • Up to 5 pax can fit comfortably in a pod
  • Chill smoking area on the balcony
  • Standing desks
  • Weatherproof outlets (if you prefer to work outside for fresh air)

So, if you’re on the search for a great office space to rent in BF Homes, we’ve got you. Contact us today to gain a new place to focus on work, boost productivity, meet new people, and jumpstart your business!