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Frequently Asked Questions - Workplays

Frequently Asked Questions

WorkPlays operates from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm during weekdays. We are closed on the weekends and during all public holidays.

Yes, if you are renting the space as a group, you are only allowed up to 5 members in one room. This is to ensure that you can all work comfortably while making the most out of the available resources.

Whether you are a freelancer or a small business you do not have to schedule an appointment. For freelancers, there is a first come first serve system; if there is a spot available, you are free to walk in and avail a workspace. If you are a freelancer who availed a certain workspace for a month, then there will always be a reserved seat for you.

There are separate rooms for small businesses. These areas will be yours to use anytime with no contention for the duration of your package.

No, your time in your workstation is not limited to a specific number of hours in a day. You can work there for as long as it is open.

Yes. If you are a freelancer, you will be stationed in the common working area in the middle of the office. If you have a team, you will use a separate room with your team. Teams are allowed to use the conference room for free. Freelancers may use the conference room if they avail the one month package.

We accept any of the three methods of payment:

a. Bank Deposit - To pay via Bank deposit, log in to you account and book an appointment now

b. PayPal - To pay via PayPal, go to the Pricing page and click your preferred package and price.

c. Cash - You can pay via cash when you drop by WorkPlays for your reservation.

Container Turf, Central Aguirre, and Samgyupsalamat are some of the landmarks near WorkPlays.

The maximum capacity for events is 30 pax.

Yes, you can bring food inside WorkPlays. Just make sure to keep the place clean.

Yes, we have a parking space. You can request for a parking slot reservation ahead of your appointment.

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