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Why an Office Space in Alabang is Suitable for Your Startup Business

The word ‘start-up’ has grown popular in recent years thanks to the small to medium enterprise (SME) models that entrepreneurs around the world have been adopting. While these types of enterprises are firmly linked to worldwide economic growth, start-ups are not always successful. If you are operating a start-up business in the Philippines, having a good location for an office is important in ensuring that success is achieved. One such location is Alabang. Simply put, having an office space in Alabang is important for a number of reasons, but they might not be too clear or convincing to you. In order to help you understand why, here are some reasons why you should try establishing your start-up business at an office space in Alabang.

Convenient Location


Location is always one of the most important things to consider when it comes to looking for an office or any kind of commercial space. Most people would be inclined to say that having an office in Makati or BGC, the prime business areas of Metro Manila, is important for gearing your company up for success. However, that is simply not the case anymore. Due to the number of businesses already present in those places as well as the limited amount of spaces left, it might be hard for you to choose an office that is best for your purposes. Factor in the notorious metro traffic and the difficult commute, it is not the most pleasant experience.

This is where an office space in Alabang can make a difference. Firstly, there is a difference in the type of areas you can find in Alabang. The more southern parts of Metro Manila (Paranaque, Las Pinas and most definitely Muntinlupa), in general, have much more residential areas than commercial areas when compared to their northern and central counterparts. These areas are filled with people looking for work and college graduates are aplenty. This provides a good crop of potential employees and team members for any start-up looking to grow bigger. Using an office space in Alabang should make travel and commute to work easier for said people. This not only helps the traffic and commuting situation of the other cities but it also helps decongest the other cities where people coming from the south would otherwise go to for employment.

If you are running a business that is big on team-building and other activities of that nature, then being situated in Alabang is also beneficial thanks to its close proximity to out-of-town places with resorts and function halls. If distance is an issue, then staying within Alabang is also viable thanks to the many open spaces and fields there are for any outdoor activity.

Good Environment


Aside from being a convenient location that is close to many residential areas, Alabang also has a notably good environment, not only in terms of the natural environment but also in terms of the general hustle and bustle that comes with city living. Since there are relatively fewer commercial areas in Alabang, there are also fewer people, cars and structures that can contribute to the different kinds of pollution like air, sound, and visual (or light) pollution. Air pollution, in particular, is noticeably not an issue in Alabang.

All these can make for a better working experience for you and your employees which could lead to productivity and overall work satisfaction. The overall environment is not as overwhelmingly hectic as one might experience in the central business districts of the other cities.

‘Decentralization’ of Enterprise


One of the more understated importance and benefits of using an office space in Alabang for your start-up is the ‘decentralization’ of enterprise or business. If you are not familiar with what this means, then you have to go back to the idea of central business districts and commercial strips. The aforementioned cities and districts such as Makati, Bonifacio Global City, and Quezon City have long been the prime areas for offices and all other kinds of commercial properties. This results in a concentration of these districts and areas in those cities.

Starting up a business away from these locations could prove useful for a number of reasons. First, is that it increases the accessibility of opportunities for generating income. As alluded to previously, having an office space in Alabang can give people from locations further south opportunities to work. This is why it is not uncommon to see people from Cavite and Laguna working in companies and offices in Alabang and the general Muntinlupa area. This has some good implications for the economy because once wealth is also being distributed to places further from the metro, the development of those places can be achieved because local economies are stimulated.

Aside from that, more people working in Alabang means that they won’t compete for jobs in other areas. This makes it easier for people to find work. Tight competition is one of the factors affecting unemployment and having a start-up away from the major business centers helps in that regard.

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