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4 Virtual Team Building Ideas

4 Virtual Team Building Ideas

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What are some good virtual team building ideas?

  1. Regular Virtual Catch-Ups
  2. Online Games
  3. Fun Channels
  4. Watch Movies Together


A huge number of organizations have now shifted into a virtual office in the Philippines to continue their operations amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This setup may be helpful in terms of tasks and work, but it also inflicts fewer opportunities for your team to socialize. Plus, it minimizes the chance to get to know each other better — especially if there are new people in the team. Remember, team building is also essential in the workplace. It keeps everything balanced and healthy. So how do you hold team buildings for remote teams? We’ve got plenty of virtual team building ideas under our sleeves and we’re here to share them with you today. Continue reading for more!


Regular Virtual Catch-Ups

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At a regular office setup, you have all the freedom to tap your coworkers and have a quick chit-chat. But with remote working, you no longer have this freedom. Virtual catch-ups may be the next best thing. Make use of modern-day technology and allot a day in the week to just sit down and talk about anything non-work related with your teammates. Even something as simple as this helps restore energy creates engagement and reduces the feeling of isolation.


Online Games

Up for something fun? Since you can’t hold in-person activities, you can always rely on online games to incorporate in your weekly schedule with your team. Nowadays, there are so many popular games that are available online or that are altered to be played virtually like Pictionary, charades, and more. Plus, you can always switch it up every week!


Fun Channels

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Now that many are using Slack or other channel-based communication platforms while working remotely, why not take it up a notch and maximize its use? Apart from channels for different teams and office tasks, you can create separate channels for fun, engagement, and improve the culture within your team. Try adding in hobby channels, support groups, funny forwards, or any channel your team can go to when they need a quick pick-me-up.


Watch Movies Together

Nowadays, there are a bunch of shared platforms you can utilize to watch the same movies with anyone on one screen. Allot time to watch movies or even anything informational or beneficial for the team. Plus, you can also challenge your team members to talk about what they thought about the movie. It is a fast, easy, and fun way to get the team together.


Key Takeaway

Even if you are working remotely or at home, team building is still a must. It gives the chance for your organization to catch up, socialize, and connect.

It also builds trust, value, and meaningful connection. Holding these virtual team building ideas will benefit your team more than you know. Try these out for yourself!

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