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Pros and Cons of a Virtual Office in the Philippines

Virtual office

What are the most inherently rooted pros and cons of a virtual office?


  1. Saving Money
  2. Convenience
  3. Environmentally Friendly


  1. No Physical Space
  2. Short-Term Relationships
  3. Less Control


With the rise of the freelance industry, virtual offices in the Philippines are becoming more and more of a popular working space alternative as opposed to the structures of a traditional office. Virtual offices can vary in range from large-scale operations to single office setups.

The waves of the modern the world and the rise of digital platforms provide for countless new opportunities but most of the time, they come with some compromised aspects as well. Being truly open-minded means being half accepting and equally half critical.

Below is a brief overview of the different pros and cons of having a virtual office:


Virtual Office PROS



Objectively speaking, virtual offices save tremendous amounts of money because they are lower-priced in comparison to renting an actual office space. Virtual offices also save you the cost of security deposits and utility bills.


Hassle free

Virtual offices can provide comfort for employees due to the fact that they literally take seconds to book online. You can set up your workspace anywhere in the world with just a simple click. The increased productivity levels stem from ridding yourself of the hassles of the daily commute, which can be very motivational for employees.


Environmentally Friendly

Virtual offices can really make positive impacts on our immediate surroundings. When it comes to documents, everything is primarily exchanged through email. Reports, statements, quotations, etc. no longer need to be on physical paper.


Virtual Office CONS


No Physical Space

Because everything is conducted digitally, there is no real space to get together and optimize meeting potentials. There is no substitute for the merits of actual face-to-face communication with the people you work and coordinate with on a regular basis.

If a business deals with handling products, sticking to a virtual office can also cause problems when it comes to space for inventory. The lack of physical space can also prevent a business from expanding because of strictly operating on a virtual platform.


Short-Term Relationships

The simple truth is that working on virtual spheres is very competitive. Getting a job is just as easy as losing one. And when it comes right down to it, your overall career growth can be refrained from reaching its maximum potentials due to not being able to nurture working relations.


Technological Restraints

Technology can provide great convenience, but dependence can be very problematic, especially when devices such as laptops begin to break down or the internet connection fails to function.

Although there are many programs that monitor employee productivity, without actual physical presence, there is no sure way of checking if an employee really is working. Team projects are also extremely difficult to conduct without actual physical presence.


Key Takeaway


Virtual Offices in the Philippines are setting the direction for the future of which business models operate. And although these offices are ultimately beneficial at the end of the day, these types of digital work areas are not suitable for every type of business operation. Technology comes with its innovations and ingenuity, but there are many ways in which they can also restrict.

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