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Virtual Offices in the Philippines

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Work nowadays can take you anywhere. It can be anything like a classic corporate setting with all the boardroom meetings and executives, maybe even an environment like the arts which will entail you to think creatively and act physically, or maybe even a co-working space in which like-minded freelancers and professionals can collaborate to make one big project after another. However, out of everything, the most notable example of the advancement of employment would be to work in a virtual office in the Philippines.

In the country today, there is an abundance of these kinds of offices. The great thing about virtual offices is that you, as an employee or professional of any kind, can make use of all technologies to aid you in your occupation. The vast availability of technological services can enable anyone to work from remote locations, especially in the comfort of their own homes.

Though virtual offices are widely available in Metro Manila, there is just as much availability of them outside the Metro. For this reason, you can definitely find a number of virtual offices based outside of Metro Manila.



Davao City

Davao City

The city of Davao has a lot more to offer than durian, pomelo, and numerous sights to see. Davao is one of the cities outside Metro Manila with a metropolitan atmosphere, same goes for their corporate offerings. With its technological advancements and employment advantages, here are the virtual offices based in Davao City.



Audio Visual Film Arts

  • Audio Visual Film Arts

This office specializes in the visual arts, particularly film and audio editing, hence its name. With software capable of refining your projects, this office will make your creative outputs into worthy masterpieces.


Mercury Drug

  • Mercury Drug

This is none other than one of the most recognizable pharmaceutical groups of the country. Delivering quality services and products to customers nationwide, delivering them through online is also available, thanks to its ‘Gamot Padala’ service.


PNP Davao

  • PNP Davao

The Philippine National Police, known by many as the ‘PNP’, serves the country and its people by protecting them from any threat possible. In their online acts, they are able to tackle cyber crime and make use of technology as their means of recruitment.


Agdao Auto Parts

  • Agdao Auto Parts

Local to Davao, this company provides every vehicle with suitable and necessary parts to keep them in top condition. With the advancement of technology, people may now consult with professionals online regarding the parts they need and/or desire.


Realson Clutch Brake & Auto Supply

  • Realson Clutch Brake & Auto Supply

One of the most important parts of a car is the brake, clutch brakes, especially for manual vehicles. Opting for Realson Clutch Brake & Auto Supply can ultimately get you the necessary parts in person or online through consultation and delivery.


Micro Enterprise Bank

  • Micro Enterprise Bank

Like many banking offices in the country, including this bank, any online means of transactions are now possible today.


Lockwood Parts and Construction Supply; JR II Construction

  • Lockwood Parts and Construction Supply; JR II Construction

Industrialization has become a part of the world today and to have it work hand-in-hand with technology makes its influence even more apparent. Lockwood Parts and Construction Supply and JR II Construction specializes in providing builders everywhere with necessary equipment and parts. Through online means, consultations and deliveries prove convenient and helpful for most customers.


Makar Properties Development Inc.

  • Makar Properties Development Inc.

Online means of Real Estate has also been made possible in today’s age. This office is a notable example of that notion as through online, you can now look at numerous available properties and negotiate for your ideal price.


MTMG Travel and Tours

  • MTMG Travel and Tours

Booking a tour or a flight for your travels over the Internet is a common practice nowadays. While Metro Manila may have exclusive companies to cater them in those means, MTMG Travel and Tours is exclusive for all of Davao’s residents.



Cebu City

Cebu City

Cebu is the city where numerous business opportunities flourish as much as Metro Manila. Its landscapes and metropolitan aesthetics really fit into the business tone of the city. Cebu not only houses some of the country’s famous companies and landmarks, but also a number of virtual offices as well to further opportunities to its citizens.



Josephine Fine Arts Industries

  • Josephine Fine Arts Industries

Furniture is what accents and completes the inside of every household in the world. No matter how lavish or simple they may be, people make use of them as means of relaxation and other forms of comfort. Josephine Fine Arts is the company that delivers such furniture that exudes comfort when being used. With online means of business being available, customers can look at their catalog and see what they would want to purchase from the comfort of their own homes.



Cebu Appliance Center Inc.

  • Cebu Appliance Center Inc.

When one thinks about purchasing furniture, they also think about electrical appliances to go along with it. Luckily, with online consultations now available, Cebu Appliance Center is the go-to shop for all means of electrical service to all of Cebu’s citizens.


Performance Auto BMW

  • Performance Auto BMW

Everyone who owns a car, a BMW in this particular case, would want to keep their cars in top physical shape. With this company, your car’s condition will surely be maintained.


Aison Surplus and Auto Parts Co.

  • Aison Surplus and Auto Parts Co.

Sometimes, you just need more of what you actually need. With the online catalogs available, Aison Surplus and Auto Parts will surely cater to your every need.


Lami Food Productions Corporation

  • Lami Food Productions Corporation

Food production is a staple in every livelihood and it is important that you know what nutritional value you are getting. In Lami Food Productions Corporation, virtual catalogs are available for you to view, as well as nutritional facts on every product you may purchase.



Zamboanga City

Zamboanga City

Further down south of the country lies a city full of other opportunities like other cities. Zamboanga, though mostly rural in setting, can definitely keep up with other metropolitan titans of the country. Here is the available virtual office in the city.


Shooters Arms Mannufacturing

  • Shooters Arms Manufacturing

With escalating issues on national security, sometimes the need to keep you and your family safe is of utmost importance. Shooters Arms Manufacturing will definitely help you to be able to review and secure your online information through proper legal proceedings.



Bacolod City

Bacolod City

This city offers more opportunities as much as other than attracting tourism. What Bacolod can offer in terms of business, personal, and online, can prove to be beneficial and convenient to every professional in the country. Here are the virtual offices that show it.


Bank of Commerce and Bank of the Philippine Islands

  • Bank of Commerce and Bank of the Philippine Islands

Online banking is a pioneer service not just to the country, but to the world as well. With Bank of Commerce and Bank of the Philippine Islands, you no longer need to go to the bank to check your finances as you can now do that from the comfort of your own homes.


STI Computer Education

  • STI Computer Education

Like everything else in the world, education has advanced with technology as well. With numerous online classes available, STI Computer Education will surely educate you – anywhere and anytime.


Key Takeaway

These online offices just only prove that besides convenience, technology can help anyone advance in any industry and deliver high-quality services in just a click of a button.

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