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Why Opt for a Coworking Space? | Workplays Blog

Why Opt for a Coworking Space?


Why work in a co-working space?

1.  It helps you to work productively by letting you be focused on your work.

2.  It helps you save money especially from further expenses such as electricity and water bills – and that’s aside from the rent.

3.  It fosters a wider network by letting you collaborate with different people from various industries.

4.  It offers a reliable and stable enterprise-level internet connection that you can use for your business.

5.  It provides you the necessary amenities and facilities that you do and may need for your business.



In this generation, the booming industry of coworking space in the Philippines is evident. From freelancers to a two-man team to a small business company – definitely, coworking spaces are proven reliable and efficient for a business regardless of its size. Furthermore, it opens a wider network for people who want to build connections.

Need further convincing? Here are the key reasons why you should opt for a coworking space.



promotes productivity

It promotes productivity

While working at home may be comfortable, the level of distraction is beyond high, especially with the TV nearby and the kids playing around. The same goes with staying at your favorite coffee shop, where you may need to endure hours and hours of guilt as the baristas repetitively stare at you while you are struggling to finish your work.

With coworking spaces available, not only in the Metro but in the whole country, you would not need to feel guilty about your stay no matter how long it is. Additionally, you get to work efficiently and productively in just a matter of hours. This is because a coworking space’s main aim is to help their customers finish their goal for the day by providing the comfort and necessities that they need – which coffee shops or even their homes are lacking.




It’s cost-efficient

If you are just starting your business, it may be too much for you to afford an office rental or an apartment for you and your team to work on to. With this said, rather than renting an apartment, why not occupy a coworking space? There are coworking spaces that you can avail for a smaller amount. Not to mention that they are professionally designed and even includes facilities and amenities that you and your team (if you do have) could use for your business. Completely hassle free!



Fosters wider network

It fosters a wider network

From the word itself, collaborative working spaces promote connections. With the various professionals from the different industries that you may encounter on a daily basis, the room for connections remains endless. You can reach out to help someone or approach one for input. Either way, you are building connections which could turn into valuable opportunities in the future. In addition, it helps you grow as you work with them since these people are motivated to finish their work on a specific time frame – making you want to do so as well.



stable internet connection

Offers stable internet connection

Of course, with the ever-evolving technology, most of your business happens on your laptop. From exchanging emails with a client to creating campaigns for your business, it all happens in just a few clicks in a relatively short time span. With that said, a reliable and stable enterprise-level internet connection is what you need – which a coworking space readily offers to their customers.



necessary amenities

Necessary amenities and facilities provided

If you are to rent an apartment, most likely there is a lot more stuff you need to bring aside from your laptop. Unlike in occupying a coworking space, you won’t need to worry about the comfort rooms, the conference room, the comfortable chairs and durable tables, the windows for times that you may need to refresh your mind, and of course, the overflowing coffee. All these are provided in a coworking space and more coworking spaces are trying to meet the needs of the people who work in their space to help them work better.

Key Takeaway

If you want to truly work in an efficient and productive manner, then opting to work in a coworking space is the perfect place to be. Not only these coworking spaces will help the people to do their work proficiently, hence, they will definitely take care of the rest.

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