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6 Reasons Why Businesses Thrive at Coworking Spaces


The business sector has come a long way since the industry is changing and updating at a constant speed. Several changes and innovations are making the industry grow better and bigger.

One of the growing trends in the business industry is the creation of various coworking spaces. In the Philippines, this concept has been adapted by many people, whether by freelancers, aspiring entrepreneurs, or experienced businessmen.

Coworking spaces enable freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups to acquire a space without spending a huge amount of money to be able work in a conducive and productive working environment, which is way different from the traditional cubicle-type of working space. Over the past few years, coworking space has been gaining much attention to many professionals because of the advantages it brings.

But why do young professionals and entrepreneurs choose to work in a coworking space? What are its differences with the typical office set-up? To answer these questions, here are some of the reasons why businesses thrive at coworking spaces:

Reason # 1: Low Cost

Opting to work at a coworking space is much cheaper compared to its counterpart, which is purchasing a whole new building or renting an entire floor. At coworking spaces, a freelancer or a budding entrepreneur can have access to a fully-equipped office without the need to purchase office furniture and supplies. Everything is provided at coworking space—from printer, tables and chairs, better Internet connection to supply of coffee and even receptionists. You’ll have all of these when you get your shared space. Hence, this would really be helpful in reducing your business expenses, especially if you are still building up your company.


Reason # 2: Opportunity to Grow your Network

Building a strong network is essential for any type of business. And when you choose to work in a coworking space, you will have the chance to meet fellow entrepreneurs or freelancers and eventually have an opportunity to expand your network.

In such type of working environment, networking opportunities are abundant since you are surrounded by different creative, driven, and goal-oriented professionals. This also serves a lot of booming careers in the tech industry today such as SEO services, graphic design, programming, and e-commerce.

These people can be potential business partners, clients, or even mentors. Who knows? You might even meet a professional whose vision is the same as yours.

Hence, one of the greatest advantages of coworking spaces is the chance to grow your network.

Reason # 3: Abundant Source of Knowledge and Opportunities

An abundant source of knowledge is another benefit of coworking spaces. Since you are coworking with other people from different industries, you can have the chance to share concepts and knowledge with other professionals. With this, you can gain different essential information that might be helpful to your business.

On the other hand, opportunities are also abundant in most coworking spaces. This could be an opportunity to hire creative talents like writers or graphic artists for your specific projects. Moreover, you can find your future clients or business partners. A coworking space provides endless possibilities for both freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Productive Office Desk

Reason # 4: Increases Productivity and Creativity

Unlike in a typical office set-up, coworking spaces increase the productivity and creativity of different professionals. Coworking spaces provide a clean, conducive, and calming environment that allows young professionals and entrepreneurs work in an exciting and relaxing way. This set-up enhances the productivity of many people working on it since distraction is eliminated.

Furthermore, coworking spaces enable people to broaden their potential, since a number of them conduct events or workshops, which will be useful in honing the skills and creativity of people.

Several coworking spaces around the metro also provide spaces, where professionals can de-stress and rest after a long tiring day of work. Some shared offices have health and wellness amenities that enable professionals to either take a nap, meditate, or stretch up their muscles while thinking a creative tagline for a certain project, making these facilities a helpful tool in increasing one’s productivity and creativity.

Reason # 5: Better Collaboration

Better collaboration among peers is also promoted in different coworking spaces. In a traditional office scene, space is often limited and suffocating, giving people a hard time conducting meetings and collaborating with each other.

On the other hand, better collaboration is promoted in many coworking spaces since these places are designed in an open and collaborative environment, allowing young professionals to talk to each other easily and quickly.

Reason # 6: Complete Amenities

As mentioned earlier, complete amenities and services are provided by most coworking spaces in the metro. Entrepreneurs, especially the starting ones, do not need to worry about purchasing office equipment and creating amenities since most of coworking spaces are equipped with a wide variety of beneficial amenities. Some of the offered amenities of many coworking spaces are:

– Unlimited coffee and other mixed drinks
– High-tech vending machines
– Nap pods
– Fast and better Internet connection
– Huddle rooms


Coworking space is indeed one of the best innovations in the business scene. Such concept enables many professionals to work in a different yet exciting environment.

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