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Coworking: How It Helps Motivate Employees

Coworking: How It Helps Motivate Employees


In Manila, coworking spaces are dominating the business scene for the past few years because of the increasing trend of startups. Many professionals now, may it be a freelancer, nomad, or entrepreneur, are switching to coworking spaces because this type of working environment is available at lower costs compared to its counterpart and it promotes a more productive working environment.

Coworking spaces brings a lot of benefits to freelancers, entrepreneurs, and employees. One of the reasons why freelancers and businesses thrive at coworking spaces is that it increases the motivation of people working on this type of environment. Let’s take a look how coworking spaces help motivate employees.

Coworking space enables employees to have more control of their job

Unlike in a typical office-set up, coworking spaces allows flexible accessibility contrary to the traditional 9-5. With this, an employee can work beyond the traditional time, especially when he or she has to finish a certain project or meet deadlines, hence, increases employees’ satisfaction.

Furthermore, such a work environment allows flexibility compared to the old-style office. Employees can take breaks whenever they want—whether they will grab a cup of coffee or spend some time to take a breather outside. These things can contribute to the increase of motivation among employees since they are not confined within a specific time.

Coworking space establish a productive and conducive working environment

Most coworking spaces today provide a clean, calming, and conducive working environment, which enables freelancers and entrepreneurs a chance to work in an exciting yet relaxing way.

Additionally, such type of working environment enables people to work with a variety of people from different industries. Hence, helps in motivation of employees working in a coworking environment.

 Coworking space allows collaboration in the workplace

Since cubicle is a partially enclosed workspace, collaboration among workers in a typical office set-up may become difficult and inefficient. On the other hand, in a coworking space, such workspace is furnished with communal tables and wide open space, making it a perfect place for collaboration and team work among employees.

Most coworking spaces around the metro are designed specifically for collaboration, a way different to the traditional office scene that have limited space and suffocating vibe. The better collaboration coworking spaces cause motivation to employees since they can talk to their colleagues easily and quickly.

Coworking space has numerous added services

Apart from being a workspace, coworking spaces provide several other services to professionals, making their working time comfortable and conducive.

Some coworking spaces have allotted spaces wherein professionals can de-stress after a long day of work. Also, some coworking spaces provide health and wellness facilities to their users, which helps maintain productivity and motivation among professionals.

In summary, the rise of coworking definitely brings a radical shift in the workplace, and no doubt that will shape the future labor market well. Coworking spaces certainly bring several benefits to people working on it, making them more driven and dynamic compared to people working in a typical office set-up.

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