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What to Look for in a Virtual Office in the Philippines | WorkPlays Blog

What to Look for in a Virtual Office in the Philippines

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What should you look for in a virtual office in the Philippines?

  1. Convenient location
  2. Cutting-edge technology
  3. Spacious conference rooms



Virtual offices in Manila and other cities have been steadily gaining popularity among small business owners, startups, and freelancers. While it was originally thought of only as a way to “look like you are there when you are not”, virtual offices have evolved to become an all-around solution to the different problems businesses face.

It can provide small businesses and startups almost everything they need to give an appearance of professionalism, from a simple shared space and/or access to meeting rooms, a business address for your company, to fully furnished boardrooms and executive suites.

Because most companies are being forced to optimize in order to remain profitable, some of them are even choosing to have their employees to work remotely to reduce the cost of maintaining the cost of office rent in the Philippines. If you are in a situation where you need to explore the different choices of virtual offices available, here are a few things you should look for:



Convenient Location

Convenient Location

Just because your business is probably going to be remote most of the time, do not assume that your clients or anybody else will not visit your offices. Clients will want to meet with you in a place that is professional in nature, so it is not out of the question that they may choose to meet in your offices.

When you are looking for a virtual office in Manila or other cities, make sure that it is located somewhere convenient. Aside from clients and customers, you might also have to call in your current employees or new hires for training and onboarding. This means that you want to find a virtual office that is located somewhere that is in a relatively central and accessible location and easy for everyone to drive or commute in.



Cutting-Edge Technology

If your virtual office has a full suite of office tech like large, easy-to-use printers that can scan and print a complicated array of paperwork or high-speed internet, you might find that your employees are more eager to come in the office. Workers that have an easier time when it comes to doing their job are more encouraged to come into work every day.

Choose a virtual office that can give you that additional value through the technology they can provide you and your employees. Make sure that your employees will have easy access to any office infrastructure they might need during the rare occasion when the resources they need are not available at their home.



Spacious Conference Rooms

Spacious Conference Rooms

You should actually visit the virtual offices you plan on using and take a look at their facilities before committing to them since you are probably going to spend a considerable amount of time in those offices and conference rooms.

You should consider looking for a place that has at least one private and elegantly decorated conference room. Aside from having a nice, spacious area for training your employees, this can also be the perfect place for you to impress your clients who want to meet in your office.



Key Takeaway

A traditional office for rent in the Philippines can be a good option for other companies that may have already been established or have grown too big, but a virtual space might just be the perfect thing for a freelancer or a small startup business.

Having the freedom to let your employees work from home or anywhere else can be great for modern businesses and professionals alike. However, no matter how easy it may be, you are still going to need a physical location and address with a mailbox from which your business can be officially reached.

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