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4 Ways a Manila Co-Working Space Can Feel Like Your Second Home

4 Ways a Manila Co-Working Space Can Feel Like Your Second Home

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What makes a co-working space in Manila feel more homey?

  1. Ambience and aesthetics
  2. Convenience and distance
  3. Kitchen amenities
  4. Space


Looking for an office space to rent around Manila? Why not a co-working space in Manila? Most freelancers can agree that getting work done at home could be a real challenge because it gets too comfortable. Then again, an actual office can be the polar opposite by being stuffy and stiff.

A co-working space already offers all the functionalities that an office has to offer, but it can also be your home away from home with the comfort it provides.

Ambience and aesthetics 

Have you ever been to a co-working space in Manila or anywhere around the metro? If you take the time to examine your surroundings in a co-working space, you can see that many of these spaces provide various amenities that really exude the ‘homey’ feel. Amenities like leisure lounges, game rooms, and even smoking areas are enough to make you feel enough ease to be productive.

Convenience and the Distance

When it comes to working in Manila, signing a lease for an office for rent isn’t really that necessary if you’re a small business or a start-up company. Availing of a co-working space may actually be the more budget-friendly option.

This is also the case for students who wish to take their studying to more serious and focused matters. Making the effort to actually study is a feat in itself – having to travel far for a study space will just make it impossible. The nearer a Manila co-working space is to your school or home, the more likely you’ll keep going there and making good use of your time.

Kitchen Amenities

A home-cooked meal is no doubt cheaper than eating out. When working outside in a cafe or restaurants, most of the options are expensive. Add to that that you can only occupy a table for a couple of hours before it gets embarrassing and other patrons start complaining.

With that in mind, there are co-working spaces around the metro that provide kitchens areas so clients can come and cook or make coffee at no extra cost.  Some co-working spaces are able to provide pantries to store your food so you won’t need to bring in ingredients every time. Why go hungry when you can cook?

The Overall Space

Last but not the least, the space your co-working space can showcase! When it comes to feeling relaxed and at peace with your work, it’s important for you to loosen up and move around every once in a while; and with such space a co-working space can provide you, it’s all the more worth it!


Key Takeaway

We all want to feel a sense of home wherever we linger for a time. Thankfully, these 4 points can help you consider a simple Manila co-working space for your productivity; and in time, you’ll be able to feel that a space like this truly is your home away from home.

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