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Why You Should Hire an In-house Freelancer

Why You Should Hire An In House Freelancer

Why is hiring an in-house freelancer beneficial?

  1. Reduces costs
  2. High-quality work at a fast rate
  3. Lots of work experience
  4. Large networks
  5. More innovative and creative
  6. Get a specific job done
  7. International Reach


Freelance work has become increasingly popular because freelancers have the freedom to decide where they work and what their work hours are. However, some businesses and companies are wary of hiring freelancers. With the advent of virtual offices in the Philippines, more and more freelancers are able to hone their skills. What companies do not realize is that there are actually many advantages to hiring freelancers, whether they work in-house or from home.


Reduces costs

Reduces Costs

One benefit of hiring a freelancer is that it is a lot cheaper than hiring a full-time employee. Generally, freelancers work from home and set their own work hours so there is no need to include employee vacation, sick pay, and other benefits in their salary. Additionally, freelancers are accustomed to working independently and go into a job with the knowledge and skills needed. Thus, there is often no need to spend extra time and resources on employee training.


High-quality work at a fast rate

Professional freelancers are widely known for delivering high-quality work at fast rates. You can always count on freelancers to be motivated to perform excellently, since having a reliable reputation is essential for them to succeed. Freelancers earn most from clients and companies who like their work enough to hire them again, possibly as in-house freelancers. To maintain their relationships with clients and successfully make a living off of freelancing, independent workers need to keep the quality of their work high.

Additionally, flexibility in work schedule actually allows freelancers to work during times when regular employees are typically on breaks, such as weekends and holidays. While your office may be closed, it is possible for freelancers to work from a virtual office in the Philippines and submit their work by morning.


Lots of work experience

Lots Of Work Experience

Independent workers, especially professionals who have been freelancing for several years, often have a lot more work experience in their resume than the average employee. With each new client, freelancers gain all kinds of work experiences and pick up new skills along the way. Thus, hiring an in-house freelancer could bring a fresh and unique perspective that your company can learn a lot from.


Large networks

Another advantage is that freelancers often have many connections. Freelance work provides many opportunities to expand one’s network and make various connections in the industry, such as when they work in co-working spaces or an events space in BF Paranaque. With the help of an independent worker, you could easily make invaluable business relationships with big names and influencers in the industry.


More innovative and creative

More Innovative And Creative

In addition to being reliable and fast, freelancers are also known for being innovative and creative. An outside perspective could be just what your project needs to put give your company an extra edge over the competition. Additionally, freelancers are also known for being particularly tech-savvy. For instance, freelancers in the field of web design or technical support can help immensely in upgrading the programs and technology being used in your company.


Get a specific job done

Another reason why hiring independent workers are so convenient is that they can be hired strictly on a need basis. Rather than go through the hassle of training an employee to do a specific job that they have yet to learn or master, you can finish the job faster by hiring a freelancer who specializes in that field. Hiring a specialized freelancer can be extremely helpful, especially in cases when you lack the resources to do the job yourself. Moreover, having in-house freelancers who are experts in particular fields or jobs will help greatly in keeping the quality of your products or services at the highest standard possible.


International Reach

International Reach

Another great option your company can look into is hiring freelancers stationed abroad. Because freelancers often work from their computers, you can easily reach and employ freelance workers from all over the world. International freelancers have the potential to bring experiences, skills, and insights that no one else could to the table. While it would not be possible to hire independent workers from abroad as in-house freelancers, there is still a lot that can be gained from employing their help and services.


Key Takeaway

Freelance work is not only extremely advantageous for the freelancers themselves but also for the companies they work for. Freelancers are able to get the job done and more at reduced costs. They are also known for having invaluable characteristics such as creativity, reliability, independence, and more. Overall, hiring freelancers is a convenient and profitable option that all companies should consider.

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