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4 Freelance Jobs That Are in Demand | Workplays Blog

4 Freelance Jobs That Are in Demand

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What freelance jobs are in demand?

  1. Social media manager
  2. SEO and content writer
  3. Virtual assistant



Your bank account can probably use a boost no matter what your freelance job is right now. Even if you are already working on something in a virtual office in the Philippines, it does not mean that you can’t take the time to do some extra work on the side; a side hustle, if you will.

Before starting your new career as a freelancer, it is important to first know your target market and know which types of skills and jobs will get you paid the most. This way, you can maybe plan for your future career in freelancing or start learning a new skill.

If you are interested in earning a steady income independently and want to move away from renting an office space in Manila, here are four freelance jobs that are in demand.



Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

A social media manager or assistant, in simple terms, is a person that is entrusted with the contributing, guiding, filtering, monitoring, and measuring of the presence in social media of a product, brand, individual, or corporation. This job usually entails managing the Twitter account or the Facebook page of a large brand.

You are going to need a few important skills in order to be a social media manager. First, you need to have an aptitude for writing because 90 percent of social media and interactions within it is text-based. Second, you must be at least decent in graphics production. Part of the job might require you to use videos, images, and other multimedia.

Third, you must have a customer-service mindset to be able to communicate well with your audience. Lastly, you need to be able to keep up with the latest trends in social media marketing.



SEO and Content Writer

Content blogging is a form of writing that aims to help websites become more visible on major search engines such as Google or Bing. As a result, content writing and blogging are directly tied in with SEO or search engine optimization.

Learning how SEO works and applying it to writing content is one of the most important skills that are required today if you want to succeed in an online-based career. This is more important now that SEO services in the Philippines are becoming popular and therefore more competitive. Website owners have to do all kinds of measures just to remain at the top of popular search engines because more and more websites are being created every day. Because of this, they are in constant need of good content writers and bloggers for SEO.

Good SEO writers know how to use the keywords when writing their content. When they write their articles, they know how to seamlessly include the keywords that people are searching for. They also understand that they have to write articles that are engaging to the reader and that they have to avoid obsolete SEO practices such as stuffing keywords within their articles.



Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

There has been an increase in virtual assistant jobs being posted on popular job websites compared to just two or three years ago. A virtual assistant is similar to a personal assistant, but with one key difference: because a virtual assistant works remotely, their offices are online. They usually work from home, in a virtual office in the Philippines, or in any other location that is convenient for them.

Virtual assistants are hired to handle different tasks such as data entry, calendar management, writing, and WordPress management, among others. If you want to avoid paying rent for an office space in Manila and are willing to do these tasks, then this might just be the right freelance career choice for you.



Key Takeaway

Many people these days are always looking for easy ways to get rich quick, especially if they are still young. You probably have heard of all the stories about startups that make billions or smartphone apps that have made billions and want to to try your luck in making it big.

No matter what you see or hear from the media, however, do not lose sight of the important message that is hidden in all of those success stories: You need to work hard to make money. Find a career path as a freelancer that you are passionate about and challenges you to learn something new every day. Work hard and the money will follow.

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