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Why Some Freelancers in the Philippines Almost Always Prefer Virtual Offices


Why do some freelancers in the Philippines almost always prefer virtual offices?

  1. Helps the environment
  2. Improves productivity
  3. Low overhead
  4. Better amenities


Freelancers often call for flexible business hours. For individuals or groups that need to work wherever they like from wherever they are in the Philippines, virtual offices provide the opportunity to do so.

A collaborative environment differs from an office space for rent in Manila and other cities in which the office space is leased, equipped, and manned. Virtual office, telework, and telecommuting all essentially mean the same thing: employees work from a different location outside of the traditional office.

Telecommuting and virtual offices have become very popular for some employers. More people that work for themselves are starting to see the benefits that come with this arrangement. With that said, let us show you a few reasons why some freelancers almost always prefer virtual offices.


Helps the environment

 green office

Virtual offices help the environment because fewer people travel on trains, buses, and cars, which lowers fuel usage and reduces the number of vehicle emissions. In places like Texas, published articles have shown statistics that telecommuting can affect traffic and congestion to an extent.

In densely-packed cities like Manila, commuters face significant difficulties due to the increase in congestion. If we add up all the costs associated with traffic and congestion, it has been estimated that billions have been lost in terms of money, work-hours, and wasted fuel.

Virtual offices are an environmentally-conscious approach to business which can appeal to your customers and investors. Helping the earth and saving money at the same time is a very convincing argument for telecommuting.


Improves productivity


Because commuting time is eliminated, a greater part of the day can be devoted to projects, job duties, and other work-related responsibilities. Commuters usually spend upwards of 10 hours each week just going to and from work in densely populated areas like Manila.

Through virtual offices and telecommuting, you can put to use the time you saved by dedicating more time to office work or even improve work-life balance by spending time with your loved ones. Employees from younger generations – Generation X and Millennials, in particular, find virtual work a tremendous benefit because it offers flexibility and the comfort working from home.

Telecommuting appeals to workers and freelancers because it prevents the often unwelcome and unnecessary interruption by managers and co-workers which can hinder productivity and attentiveness. These same workers also seek to work independently without conforming to work rules such as traditional work hours and dress codes.


Low overhead


A physical office space for rent in Manila requires an enormous amount of overhead like rent, utilities, and more. Virtual offices do not require this overhead and can even be outsourced to geographic locations that are less expensive than a domestic office.

A lower overhead does not just mean more profit for you; it also means that you can offer a more competitive price and have the potential to attract a larger client base. In the business climate today, you need to lower your costs and streamline your business as much as possible just to remain competitive.

One of the largest costs for a traditional office is the telecommunication system. With a virtual office, however, the need to pay for a costly telecommunications system or monthly utility bills is eliminated. Instead, this cost is usually included in the price of the service.


Better amenities


You can ensure that someone is always there to take care of customer service even when you are not available yourself with the help of a virtual office. Customer service is an important part of any company. Virtual offices allow you to provide the best possible customer service at the lowest prices.

You can even offer unique services such as kitchen services, mail forwarding, mail handling, call forwarding, and a bilingual reception desk, all through the use of virtual offices. All the amenities of a luxury office is available for you in a cost-effective manner, including secure parking, video teleconferencing, and corporate event support.

When you have a virtual office at an office business center, you can even access meeting rooms and boardrooms in the same place you receive your mail. It can have a great impact on customers when they see that you have an organized office with business cards, brochures, and letterheads.


Key Takeaway


Individual entrepreneurs, startups, and especially freelancers need a professional image or “presence” in order to succeed. A virtual office in the Philippines might be your best solution if you are a professional engaged in sales representation, accounting, law, or in any other business in which a professional image is mandatory.

All in all, there is almost nothing that can be done in a traditional office that cannot be done through telecommunication or in a virtual office. There is a reason why so many freelancers, startups, small businesses, and even established corporations are embracing virtual offices. Take advantage of working with a global community and settle into the digital era with virtual offices.

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