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Is It Time for You to Work in a Serviced Office? | Workplays Blog

Is It Time for You to Work in a Serviced Office?

Is It Time for You to Work on a Serviced Office?

What are the benefits of working in a serviced office?

1.  It is cost-efficient.

2.  It is flexible.

3.  It allows a pay-per-use basis on facilities.

4.  It is easier to move in.

5.  It saves you from maintenance expenses.


Have you ever walked into an office with two different brand names attached to their walls? This may be a serviced office. In Manila, there are a large number of tenants who conveniently use these particular spaces as an alternative to the traditional office – given that they provide the necessities that most companies look for in a space. As serviced offices moved into the mainstream occupancy landscape, its relevance and significance in the industry are proving to be better and more practical than renting premises where you would need to pay for a higher expense. Furthermore, you only need to pay for as long as you use the space regardless of the benefits that you gain from them. Hence, it is time to think about the odds – is it time for you to work on a serviced office?

Here are a few things you can consider.



Cost Efficient

It is cost-efficient

The first and foremost advantage on occupying serviced offices is that it helps you save from the many expenses that you may encounter over renting regular premises. The thing is while renting on this particular space is particularly higher than conventional leases, it is definitely much lower in terms of initial payment, hidden charges, and utility fees that the latter may charge you. Additionally, you gain access to conference rooms, lounges, and support systems that you will need for setting up video conferences, without being charged with additional fees. Thus, more savings!




It is flexible

Another advantage that a company can gain from renting in a serviced office is its flexible leasing agreements. Usually, operators offer tenants a leasing agreement of paying only at the end of each month (that the office is used). Furthermore, the contract’s coverage may last for a month, a year, or may be renewable depending on the agreement. This particular short-term lease agreement is particularly beneficial for small to medium size companies who are just starting in the market.




It allows a pay-per-use basis on facilities

Renting premises that may require you to setup facilities could lead to a lack of pantry – which is what a serviced office is saving their tenants from. Aside from this particular facility, it also offers meeting and conference rooms and break-out areas on a pay-per-use basis, which is a good thing as you don’t need to pay them when you don’t need to use the facility or their service.



Move In

It is easier to move in

What serviced offices guarantee their tenants is that there’s no time to be idle when they move in. They already got your back when it comes to setting up communication systems, particularly the Internet and landline connections, and office equipment. As a result, all you will need to do is to position yourselves and start working.




It saves you from maintenance expenses

When you rent a space, of course, maintenance becomes a necessity and that necessity means an additional expense since you need to hire janitors and technicians to provide this service to your business. In serviced offices, they take maintenance as a part of the rental fee. No need to look for people to maintain the orderliness and cleanliness of your space because they are providing it to you. The catch? You get to save time, money, and of course, effort in looking for maintenance services.

Key Takeaway

Given the benefits of occupying a serviced office, surely a small business like a startup can get through the day without worrying about extra expenses and equipment that they would need for the business. Furthermore, it gives them more time to focus and invest on the core processes and operations of the business which allows them to grow in the process.

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