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Cheap and Easy DIY Projects to Personalize Your Office | Workplays Blog

Cheap and Easy DIY Projects for Personalizing Your Office Space

Cheap And Easy Diy Projects For Personalizing Your Office Space

What are cheap and easy projects to decorate and organize office spaces?

  1. Framed to-do list
  2. Typography art
  3. Muffin tin as storage
  4. Turn cereal boxes into magazine holders


One fun way to brighten up your coworking space in the Philippines is to decorate it. Adding personal and handmade decorations can easily make you feel more at home while working in an events space in BF Paranaque.

Rather than being limited to the generic designs of products sold in stores, you can easily create your own decorations and office supplies with whatever color, design, or picture you want. Here are some simple and affordable projects that you can easily do in order to transform your office space.


Framed To-Do List

Framed To Do List

To-do lists are an essential tool to have in your office space and can be both practical and decorative at the same time. To create a framed to-do list, all you need are an empty glass frame, a colored or patterned piece of paper, and a whiteboard marker.

Simply insert the background of your choice to the frame, and use the glass of the frame as your makeshift whiteboard and to do list. Another plus of this is that you can easily change the background or pattern anytime.


Typography Art

Having artwork and quotes displayed around a coworking space in the Philippines can make a big difference when it comes to the mood and motivation of employees. One way you can inspire yourself and others during work is by placing typography art of motivational quotes around the office. Typography art comes in many forms and can be placed anywhere, from clipboards to mason jars.


Muffin Tin as Storage

Muffin Tin As Storage

One clever desk organization hack is to use a muffin or cupcake tin for organized storage space. Having a muffin tin in your desk drawer will help you organize and prevent you from losing small items like binder clips, keys, tape, paper clips, and more. You can either keep the muffin tin as is or you could make it look more attractive with spray paint or washi tape.


Turn Cereal Boxes into Magazine Holders

Another affordable and creative way to organize an events place in BF Paranaque is to design your own magazine or file holders out of cereal boxes. This is a cheap and eco-friendly alternative to spending on magazine holders from the store.

For this project, you will need empty cereal boxes and sticker or contact paper. You will also need a pen and ruler to mark the areas of the cereal box that you will cut out in order to get the opening and shape of a magazine holder. Then, cover the box with contact or sticker paper with the design of your choice.


Key Takeaway

One of the biggest advantages of DIY projects is that they give you the opportunity to choose what design, color, size, and shape you prefer your supplies or decorations to be. They are also a creative way of taking everyday office supplies and turning them into materials that are decorative as well as practical.

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