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3 Design Tricks for a Highly Productive Workspace

3 Design Tricks for a Highly Productive Workspace

Design Tricks for a Highly Productive Workspace

Any type of office, no matter the location – whether it be a co-working space in Singapore, virtual office in the Philippines, or a traditional working space in the US – prioritizes productivity above anything else. Businesses focus on their employee’s performance and productivity, to increase their client’s satisfaction. This is directly related to their business’s survival and success. So, most business owners or employers focus on exercises or methods that can possibly increase productivity; but, what they often forget is that productivity starts with an employee’s working space.

If you’re an employer, here are some design tips that can promote a productive workspace!

#1. Let The Sun Shine

If you’re working in an office that has windows which allows the sunlight to come in, always let it in! Most people avoid the sunlight because they believe it can heat up the room but if you’re working in an air-conditioned office, this won’t be a problem! Actually, letting the sunlight in is a proven way to increase people’s productivity, mood, and even their overall well-being. There are numerous studies that have been conducted to test the sunlight’s effects on one’s activity rate and productivity, and all of them point to the same conclusion, that sunlight has a positive effect on people’s rate of work!

But, what if your office is situated in a place where natural light exposure is minimal? You can install smart LED lighting! It can mimic natural light which can have the same effects as exposure to sunlight! Also, it’s a great alternative to regular fluorescent light which is less energy efficient.

#2. Keep The Music Playing

If you’re a team leader or a person that handles employees, allow them to listen to music whilst working. Studies prove that listening to music while working can definitely increase one’s productivity and also improves a person’s mood! But, if playing music is not doing the trick, there are numerous studies that recommend a list of songs that can be used to improve a person’s mood and increase their productivity.

While listening to music is a proven way to increase productivity, there are contrasting research which argues that listening to music is too distracting for some people. This just shows that you should invest in knowing what type of employee you have. If they are the type to be motivated by music then create an environment that will allow them to listen to it.

#3. Yellow Is Not Just Mellow

Most offices have their walls colored by either gray or white – which are neutral – while these colors are not distracting, they also don’t have any effects on a person’s productivity which begs the question: What color should you use? In the world of color theory, the color red is one of the most stimulating color, but along with its stimulation it also promotes negative emotions like aggression, which is why most offices are not colored red.

But, if you paint your walls with the color yellow, it will have the same stimulating effect as the color red but without the negative emotions! If you think that painting your office walls with the color yellow is too drastic. You can always opt to have furniture or decorations that have the yellow accents in them, which can still have the same effect!

Investing in an office space that can possibly promote creativity and productivity will never be a waste of money. While it can be costly, it will surely bring positive results in regards to your business. When you think about it, a client that is happy means that your business has provided satisfactory service. So, invest on something that can help motivate your employees and build up your business!

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