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Serviced Office Manila: 3 Things That Can Improve a Rented Office

Serviced Office Manila: 3 Things That Can Improve a Rented Office

Serviced Office Manila 3 Things That Can Improve a Rented Office

What could make a rented office a more productive place to be?

  1. Refrigerator
  2. Alarm Clocks
  3. Bean Bags


Whether you’re using a serviced office in Manila or an office for rent anywhere in the Philippines, you’re going to want to make it a productive yet comfortable place to be. Check out these items that will make everyone love being in the office! 


Refrigerators are great for keeping your food and beverages fresh. Employees with easy access to food are happy employees! This way, people have the option to store their own drinks, food, and snacks in the office without having to worry that it will go bad. They also won’t need to constantly leave the office just to get a new can of coke!

If you’re the owner of the business and looking for something a little more personal, a mini-refrigerator (also known as a ‘mini-fridge’) is the perfect addition for your office. You can store your own snacks, drinks, and place them anywhere around your office and have it all to yourself. Talk about satisfying your own cravings with just a simple walk to a fridge of your own!

Alarm Clock

An alarm clock is one of the most important day-to-day items everyone should have. It is the single item that functions only to remind someone of the time of day. There’s also the option of literally alarming yourself of a certain time! An old fashioned alarm clock is much harder to ignore than the alarm on your phone, so you’re sure to pay attention. Did you know that these handy little clocks can be a great essential to own for your office?

If ever there are days when you find yourself swamped with work, keeping an alarm clock nearby can help you keep track of the time, as well as the time you spent on each single task you do for the day. All it takes is a glance to be in the know, as opposed to having to pick up your phone and, again, getting distracted by the phones other functions. In addition, seeing the time on a clock creates a stronger impression on a person rather than the tiny digital clock at the bottom right of laptop screens.

A clock also adds a nice touch if you’re looking to improve the look of your desk.

Bean Bags

Okay, so this maybe isn’t really an ‘essential’. In fact, many offices think that bean bags are only for aesthetics. They’re wrong. For one, it’s a great way to promote a perfect balance of work and relaxation, especially in times of stress and all out busyness. It’s there for anyone who feels stressed and overwhelmed and can provide a sense of relief even as they’re rushing for a deadline.

Another remarkable thing to consider with this office essential is that you can place them anywhere around your office! Whether it be in your office pantry, in a recreation center, or even near your own cubicle or office, a bean bag to lay in will surely alleviate the stress in your system!


Key Takeaway

This list might be a short one, but these office essentials for your rented serviced office in Manila are sure to make any workday a bearable and fun one. Aside from the usual computers, television sets, printers, and other technical issues that every office has, why not kick it up a notch with these 3!? Your employees will surely be looking forward to coming to work!

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