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Pros and Cons of Playing Music in the Workplace | Workplays Blog

Pros and Cons of Playing Music in the Workplace

Pros And Cons Of Playing Music In The Workplace

What are the pros and cons of playing music in the workplace?

  1. PRO: boosts morale and improves mood
  2. CON: can cause distraction
  3. PRO: helps break up mundane or boring tasks
  4. CON: may bother other employees
  5. PRO: drowns out co-workers
  6. CON: employees may not hear others calling for their attention


In several workplaces in the Philippines such as a virtual office, many enjoy listening to music while they work or study because they claim that it helps them focus. On the other hand, there are those who cannot work productively while listening to music and prefer to work in quiet atmospheres. To resolve the debate on whether or not music is beneficial to have in the workplace, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of listening to music while working.


PRO: Boosts productivity and improves mood

Pro Boosts Productivity And Improves Mood

Music is known for improving people’s moods and this is also true when working in a virtual office in the Philippines. Additionally, many argue that music can also increase a person’s productivity. Generally, music without lyrics like classical, instrumental, and nature noises are associated with increased productivity. But at the same time, more upbeat genres like pop or dance music can help energetic workers concentrate better. Additionally, music can also boost creativity and inspiration for artists and other jobs involving creative thinking.


CON: Can cause distraction

On the other hand, there are those who argue that music does the exact opposite and results in more distraction. This can be true when attempting to do math problems or write essays while listening to rock or heavy metal music. More often than not, the effect of music on productivity will depend on the music genre and the type of work the person is doing.


PRO: Helps make mundane tasks less boring

Pro Helps Make Mundane Tasks Less Boring

Listening to music does not only boost a person’s mood but also helps break the monotony of mundane work. It is a way of keeping yourself entertained on days when you feel sluggish or when your work requires to repeat tasks over and over. This is especially true for jobs that involve labor or physical work. Furthermore, listening to music can be just the thing you need to get you feeling alive and motivated throughout the day.


CON: May bother other employees

However, one disadvantage of playing music out loud or through speakers is that not everyone may like or enjoy it. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same music tastes as you do, and various genres affect each person differently. For instance, pop music may help you concentrate but this might not be true for your co-worker seated next to you. One tip to avoid this is to ask your co-workers if it is okay for you to play music before doing so. When in doubt, stick to using earphones to avoid bothering your co-workers.


PRO: Drowns out co-workers and other distractions

Pro Drowns Out Co Workers And Other Distractions

If you have a hard time concentrating with co-workers talking or other office noise, then listening to music could be the answer to your problem. You will likely find it much easier to concentrate while listening to soothing instrumentals or classical music than listening to your co-workers speak on the phone or the sounds of machines.


CON: Employees may not hear others calling for their attention

While listening to music can help drown out other noises in your workplace, this might work too well and keep you from hearing others calling for your attention. This is especially problematic if customers are trying to get your attention and you cannot hear them. One tip to prevent this from happening is to keep the volume of your music low enough so that you can still hear when others try to call your attention.


Key Takeaway

Everyone has their own methods and preferences for staying focused while working, and listening to music is just one of the many options. Listening to music while working does not have the same effects on everybody, so remember to be sensitive to the needs of others while at work.

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