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3 Important Aspects of Productive Co-working Spaces in the Philippines

3 Important Aspects of Productive Co-working Spaces in the Philippines

3 Important Aspects of Productive Co-working Spaces in the Philippines

Which design aspects can affect productivity?

  1. Lighting
  2. Furnishing
  3. Cleanliness


It is undeniable that the place you work in has an immense impact on the way you work. Your capability to focus and stay in that state, your productivity, and what your outlook on your work is. All of these things are significantly affected by how your workspace is designed. The is why in the Philippines, co-working spaces such as Workplays are all the rage due to their customizable spaces.

According to studies conducted by researchers on workplaces and the corresponding productivity of people, one of the factors that greatly affects an employee’s capability to focus is their immediate office environment. Having stellar internet connection is a given, but here are three other aspects that make a co-working space a good place to work.



From a design point of view, placement and types of lighting are extremely important as it sets the mood. In terms of studying or working, it also obviously greatly contributes to a person’s ability to stay focused. However, this is also one of most underrated and often overlooked factors in an office space. Poor lighting can cause eyestrain, headaches, fatigue, and even an overall increase in irritability. Dark spaces are also proven to trigger or start depression in a person.

So, if you are going to work in a co-working space here in the Philippines, find one that has good lighting. The fixtures themselves don’t have to be anything too fancy, but there should at least be a good amount of natural light coming in the room. 



Most of us have already experienced sitting at a desk but not being able to wholeheartedly focus on your work because you keep on adjusting, moving, or stretching due to the bothersome desk or chair. In today’s standard work environment where we are sitting for most of the day, the quality of your chair and desk is an important factor for your productivity.

Some of the characteristics of an ergonomic office desk and chair are:

  • Your feet should be on a foot rest or is able to rest on the floor
  • A reclining chair is better because it allows your posture to be optimal in terms of reducing pressure on your back and avoiding lower back pain
  • Your eyes should be 24-36 inches away from the monitor, and the upper part of the monitor should be below or at eye-level



Yep, this last one relies heavily on you and other clients. A good co-working space must foster a culture wherein cleanliness, mindfulness, and accountability are prioritized. Make sure you adhere to the standards when you bring yourself into such a group.

As with all other areas in one’s life, your workspace should regularly be cleaned. Having a cluttered workspace can possibly help your mind in terms of creativity, but hinders focus and decreases productivity. Always make sure that your papers, files, office paraphernalia are organized and files are easy to reach to maintain your focus and productivity while working. Be mindful to of your coffee mug or glass to avoid accidentally tipping it over and creating a huge mess.


Key Takeaway

An office design can mean the color of the space or the designs around the space, but what’s often overlooked but equally important are the small things. Pay attention to the three aspects above and you’ll soon come to realize how big of a help they actually are!

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