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4 Things You Can Do for A Virtual Christmas Party

4 Things You Can Do for A Virtual Christmas Party

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What are some things you can do for a virtual Christmas party?

  1. Secret Santa Gift Exchange
  2. Virtual Karaoke
  3. Holiday Team Building Games
  4. Send Out Christmas Kits


Christmas parties are a significant event for employees. This is where the whole team comes together to spend a day without work — enjoying the company of their colleagues and reaping the benefits of their hard work throughout the year. But during this season, where health and safety are at stake, normal parties have to be put on hold. But, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t celebrate. Thanks to the internet, there are many things you can do for a virtual Christmas party! Continue reading to learn more.


Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Is hosting a Secret Santa a yearly holiday tradition in your workplace? Giving your gifts in person may not be an option this year, but you can still do it virtually.

You can randomly assign gift-givers and recipients through handy websites like Draw Names and Elfster. Plus, on these websites, participants are given the option to create their own wish list. It makes the gift-giving process so much easier.

You can even take it up a notch by opening your gifts together as a team.


Virtual Karaoke

Karaoke will always be a part of any special occasion in the Philippines. Did you know that you can take your karaoke party online now, too? And it isn’t so hard to do! There are a handful of free karaoke apps like Smule that you can utilize to sing alongside your friends virtually.

You can even do it over video conference platforms like Zoom. The host just needs to share his screen or queue the list of karaoke tracks on a Watch2Gether link, and your team will be ready to sing the night away.


Holiday Team Building Games

Holiday Team Building Games

What’s a party without games? Christmas team building games aren’t just to get your office in the holiday spirit, it can also benefit your employees’ growth at the same time.

There are so many online team building games you can host for your virtual Christmas Party. Like a Holiday Scavenger Hunt where teams collect holiday-inspired items that can be found inside their homes. You can even utilize online game websites that host online Jeopardy, trivia, bingo, and even escape rooms!


Send Out Christmas Kits

Sending out a care package or a Christmas kit is another thing you can do. This idea also provides tangible reconnection for your employees who may feel disconnected.

Get creative! You can send out Happy Hour boxes, home office essentials, self-care packages, gourmet gift packets, or even game sets.


Key Takeaway

Don’t let the current circumstances stop you from having fun with your team during the holidays! These things you can do for a virtual Christmas party stated above are enjoyable, engaging, and best of all, safe.

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