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Office Space for Rent Paranaque: 2019 Design Trends | Workplays Blog

Office Space for Rent Paranaque: 2019 Office Design Trends

Office Space for Rent Paranaque 2019 Office Design Trends

What are popular design trends for office spaces in 2019?

  1. Urban nature
  2. More relaxation spaces
  3. Smart technology



Office spaces for rent in Paranaque were designed in 2018 to be collaborative. There were no work cubicles and rooms allowed for several people to work together in a single space. In 2019, they will continue to have designs geared towards collaboration, with a few changes. These are the popular design trends which will change the way work spaces look next year:



Urban Nature

Urban Nature

Businesses will be adding more greenery to their office work space in 2019 through these different means:

  • Placing a small cactus plant on a desk
  • Planting a vertical garden inside with plants that can survive in an office environment (ex. English ivy, Jade plant, Spider plant)
  • Placing artificial moss on the walls as decoration


According to numerous studies, people naturally love having greenery in their jobs surroundings because it brings about these numerous benefits:


Plants can reduce stress – A study from the New University of Technology Sydney focused on the effects of indoor plants on the negative mood of office employees over 3 months. At the end of the period, employees who worked in a space with the plants admitted to feeling 30 to 60 % less stress, while those without plants felt their stress increased by 20 to 40% over 3 months.


Plants can reduce sick leaves – 7600 workers in 16 countries became participants for a Human Spaces report in 2015. ⅓ of these participants were the only ones with houseplants inside their office spaces, and they reported a 15% higher score in terms of well-being compared to the ⅔ of the participants with no plants whatsoever. Additionally, introducing plants to one office in the 1990s led to a 25% decrease in illness symptoms.

This greenery trend can be easily implemented in any type of office, including co-working spaces in Manila.



More Relaxation Spaces

These spaces will serve as areas for employees to relax and recharge before they go back to work. With office spaces becoming more open to adding leisure in their design, it makes sense that companies like Google would also be open to investing in relaxation rooms for their people.

These spaces were meant to be a solution to the lack of work-life balance among office staff.

For 2019, these are different types of relaxation rooms that can easily be created in any office space for rent in Paranaque:


  • Meditation room

Just 5 minutes of mindfulness can greatly improve your workplace focus. Companies can make a room for meditation by just supplying yoga mats for their employees to use and have relaxing music playing in the background.


  • Nap room

Providing employees with the means to sleep is one of the most efficient ways of caring for their well-being. Working adults sleep less than 7 or 8 hours on average and it has caused offices to lose money because their staff’s productivity is low as well.

You can easily make a nap room by placing bean bags, hammocks, or even a few couches in one area.


  • “No electronics” room

Here, employees will not be allowed to bring their laptops and smartphones inside. People are allowed to fully rest without checking on social media and texts. Using electronics has been shown to make us more tired than energized to work.

Another relaxation space that will become more popular is a pantry. While this is not exactly a room, pantries have become sacred spaces for employees.



Smart Technology

Smart Technology

More technological advancements will be placed in 2019 office spaces to fulfill specific purposes. These advancements include:


Shared screens

Office spaces will dedicate meeting rooms to video teleconferences. Companies frequently deal with planning challenges when it comes to meeting conferences. Since everyone needs to be present in one, just one sudden absence can cancel it and these leads to wasted time for all parties involved. This is the same for meetings with several teams involved.

To remedy this, offices in 2019 will link screens in of each team’s room together. Here, teams can have a shared conference, even in separate places, because their screens will allow them to talk to other people through video.


Electronic Trackers

With technological advancements, it will become easier for HR to track which staff members are coming on time and who are not. Trackers, thanks to technology, have become more accurate in capturing late and absent employees than ever before.

Electronic trackers for employees which will become more popular are:

  • Fingerprint scans
  • Voice recognition tools


Multi-Faceted Security

Good office security should be so subtle that no one knows they are being watched. Security will expand to other facades, besides the usual video camera in the wall. Other forms of security that will appear more in 2019 include:

  • Facial recognition
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Doors that open to employee’s IDs



Key Takeaway

Office spaces in 2018 were designed to be collaborative. While this trend will continue well into 2019, there will be new design structures that will shake up the way work spaces look. These trends include more nature, relaxation spaces, and smart technology.

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