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Virtual Office in the Philippines: Why do Milllennials Prefer Working in Shared Spaces

Virtual Office in the Philippines Why do Millennials Prefer Working in Shared Spaces

Why do millennials prefer working in shared spaces?

  1. The choice to work alone or with others
  2. Harnessing more motivation
  3. Autonomy and security



Millennials require more flexibility in the workplace compared to previous generations, according to the Deloitte Millennial Survey 2017. Flexibility is positively correlated to organizational performance and employee satisfaction. Furthermore, companies can easily implement this more to improve performance by moving work to virtual offices in the Philippines. These are the reasons why renting a shared space can benefit your employees, and in turn, benefit your company:



They can easily choose to work alone or with others

They can easily choose to work alone or with others

Contrary to popular belief, shared spaces do not mean collaboration 100% of the time. Most of these offices have been also been built or ordained with structural arrangements to give employees peace and quiet. Also, technology has made it easier for them to inform other coworkers or leaders of updates, without the need for face-to-face interaction.

An office space for rent in Las Pinas is not only adorned with rooms that are usually occupied each by a different business, but also with a central area is fully-equipped with couches and chairs for people who want to work alone.



They feel more motivated

The design of a workspace reflects the culture and attitudes of a company. When the office is blandly designed to be a bleak set of cubicles with one computer, it can easily make an employee feel like he or she is in a very constricted in a cold and sterile environment. Its tight and personal interaction is kept to a minimum. Over time, the employee may find the company too inflexible and isolating to work in and resign.

People are more motivated when they also can also relate with others easily.  Humans are more motivated to work with people who they consider part of their community. Because of this, a positive office environment is also directly related to the quality of relationships among co-workers.

High-quality relationships are built first by effective communication. Co-workers and team leaders practice this by listening to each other and offering advice and criteria for improvement. Lastly, trust is established at work when people can trust you to deliver responsibilities. In an office space for rent in Las Pinas, your colleagues can easily see if someone worth trusting and talking to because everyone sits next to each other.



They can both have autonomy and security

They can have both autonomy and security

Millennials are more loyal to companies now because of the many political and social problems that have occurred recently and desire to have an office that makes them feel secure. Additionally, this loyalty is increased when employees are given a lot of responsibility from the office as a whole.

A virtual office in the Philippines inspires a lot of autonomy because they give staff options that they ensure higher-ups, not to abuse. In a 2017 survey about millennials, 33 percent of people who are working in a flexible environment, see themselves staying there above five years, while only 22 percent said the same in an inflexible environment,



Key Takeaway

With each passing day, millennials are constantly changing the face of business and professional innovation. Employees are a company’s most important resource. Flexible spaces are a good investment for companies because it benefits their staff and ultimately, them.

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