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3 Ways to Impress Your Boss in a Coworking Office Space

3 Ways to Impress Your Boss in a Coworking Office Space

What are the ways you can impress your boss?

  1. Show interest and take initiative
  2. Be involved in team meetings and activities
  3. Do your work with passion and enthusiasm


Leased office spaces in Parañaque are designed to have glass walls and doors to make startup companies and freelancers feel like they are a part of something bigger. Impressing your boss can’t be too difficult if he or she is just a glass door away.

It’s the little things you can do that shows you value your job that makes you noticeable at work, especially by your boss. Coming to work on time or earlier, dressing and speaking professionally, as well as taking the initiative to extend a helping hand to others. Remember, when you are helping your co-workers, you are helping your boss.

Here are some of the noticeable ways to make your boss give you an appraisal for a job well done.

Show interest and take initiative

Show interest and take initiative

Once you have learned to smartly do your daily tasks, try and go beyond your job description. It can be as simple as asking your boss for advanced work. If you are quite hesitant to approach your boss, email him or her a full report of accomplishments to show you are ahead of deadlines. This is a subtle way of telling your boss that you are done and ready to carry on with new tasks. You can also show your interest in the job you do for the company by taking the initiative to research and propose new ideas.

Be involved in team meetings and activities

The workplace is quite similar to the classroom setting. In the classroom, professors tend to forget a student if they never let out a single word during class for a whole semester. Whereas in the workplace, you will be perceived as a team member with little to no contribution if you do not speak up. This could even make the boss unintentionally forget you.

Cease being a wallflower and start showing you have a voice. Creatively communicate and convey your thoughts during meetings. It is important to note that you are responsible for the words you say. Although remember that timing is everything. Demonstrating confidence in speaking does not mean you can do so anytime. Find the right time to make your voice heard.

Do your work with passion and enthusiasm

Do your work with passion and enthusiasm

Being charismatic and having an upbeat personality often come side by side with passion and enthusiasm. If you ought to think those kinds of characters are too bold for you, simply focus on being happy. When you are happy, you exude a vibe that is energetic and positive. Having a smiling face is not enough, you can show you are happy through your body language and the tone of your voice.

Contrary to popular belief, having a smiling face does not always mean you are happy. If you often slouch in your seat and sound like you are ready to get into a verbal fight, your boss might think you do not respect the workplace. That kind of attitude in the workplace is deemed unimpressive.

Key Takeaway

Compared to traditional offices, it is easier to get noticed in shared workplaces because of its interior design. Office spaces for lease in Parañaque are designed to boost collaboration, inclusivity, productivity, as well as natural lighting.

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