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Why is the Co-Working Industry Booming? | Workplays Blog

Why is the Co-Working Industry Booming?

Why is the Co-Working Industry Booming

What are the central reasons behind the co-working industry boom?

  1. Ease of networking
  2. Promoting creativity
  3. Casual environments



The traditional office has been slowly neglected by companies. Now, virtual offices in the Philippines and other countries are becoming more and more popular. These open spaces with no barriers seem to be the trend and it is no surprise that so many people are entering the co-working market. Let’s take a look at the main reasons why the co-working industry is booming.



It is easy to network with companies who share the same space

It is easy to network with companies who share the same space

For freelancers and small enterprises, networks with the right people can bring extraordinary opportunities for their finances. Co-working office spaces for rent in Las Pinas usually provide networking opportunities because you also work alongside different people and teams. It is also a great avenue to practice your social skills if you are the shy type.

These people can be your future client, customer, supplier, investor, or even business partner. Even if you bond them with them over casual interests and hobbies, these relationships can become a strong financial relationship in the future. Lastly, these people can impart to your important knowledge.



Decorations are brighter, thus promoting creativity

Co-working space owners prevent their area from looking too posh or lax. Because of this, there is greater flexibility in designing the office, compared to let’s say that of a corporation. A corporation may only stick to white chairs, or furniture with wooden tables to reinforce this culture of formality. Unlike those big businesses, the spaces of virtual offices in the Philippines are filled with unusually designed chairs, plants, brightly colored pictures, and walls.

These bright are colors are psychologically proven to positively affect one’s mood. Green is a predominant color of Workplays’ picture and this color is known for giving people a sense of calm and reassurance. Other virtual offices in the Philippines may have a bright color like yellow, which can stimulate creativity to a person who is in a mental rut. Overall these areas can become mental sanctuaries to those in need.



It is very casual

It is very casual

Casual can have different meanings, depending on the object being described. The co-working space is casual in the sense, that there is little to no bureaucracy. When you enter large companies, there seems to be a lot of red tape. There are so many time-consuming rules that make little to no sense. Additionally, people in higher positions are can make decisions that are so out of touch with their employees, they become angry.

This can happen across many departments and many employees wouldn’t even hear about the problems because the structure is too complex and they tend to just mind their own business. Bureaucratic problems are easily developed because of closed rooms and cubicles. No one can really see a problem on the spot.

Most office spaces for rent in Las Pinas have seen through walls or doors with mirrors so everyone can see what you are doing. Leaders can watch and judge the activities easily, while employees do not have a hard time asking them different concerns. No need for strict and intrusive formalities.



Key Takeaway

Over the past decade, the nature of co-working spaces has continually made its mark in shaping millennial office culture. The co-working industry has become so successful because of positive reasons and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

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