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The Benefits of Natural Light in Workspaces | Workplays Blog

The Benefits of Natural Light in Workspaces

The Benefits of Natural Light in Workspaces

What are the benefits of natural light in workspaces?

  1. Better performance
  2. Lower spending on electricity
  3. Better sleep


If there were no light bulbs at your company, you and your coworkers would probably not have any office tasks finished. Yet, too much artificial illumination in offices, such as co-working spaces in the Philippines, is shown to have some negative side-effects. Not only does it affect your finances, but it also is known to make your employees more tired, less focused, and less capable of sleeping at night.

The best solution to all these problems is by letting more natural light from the sun into your workspaces. By doing so, you are also receiving these listed benefits in return:


Better performance

Better performance

Artificial light from desktops makes employees more tired by giving them eye strain due to its tendency to flicker at times. Additionally, it can bring cataracts pain by forcing them to adjust in order to look at one spot for illumination. When your eyes experience this form of tension for a long period of time, your brain responses to it by becoming more fatigued as well. All of these factors together can make you too drowsy to perform well.

In contrast, natural brightness from the sun makes your eyeballs feel more awake at a co-working space in the Philippines by making them feel more relaxed and regulating their growth.


Lower spending on electricity

Offices spend so much of their electricity on lighting alone. In fact, 35% of your office’s electric bill per month is spent on it according to the Department of Energy.  Your company can easily reduce their expenses by turning off some of the electric bulbs and opening up the drapes at your rented events space in BF Paranaque for natural illumination.


Better sleep

Better sleep

Our ability to wake up and sleep on time is dependent on your body’s circadian rhythm. One of its most important functions is releasing enough melatonin for people to rest peacefully at night. The circadian rhythm can accomplish this task as long as you get enough illumination during the day in the form of sunlight.

Sadly, offices don’t let employees see enough of the sun. Instead, you are more prone to getting too much artificial light from your office laptops and phone. The result of this reality is lower melatonin production, which makes it harder for you to close your eyes at night and increases your risk for sleep disorders.

If you want to have a better night’s rest, all you need to do is work in a room with a lot of sunlight. In fact, researchers from the University of Illinois and Northwestern University discovered that people who worked with windows in the office slept an average of 46 minutes more than those who didn’t.

By having a desk at least 20 feet away from a window at your events space in BF Paranaque, you may finally sleep on time and wake with more energy for work.


Key Takeaway

Popular office design has prevented employees from getting enough sun and forcing companies to depend too much on artificial illumination. This situation has brought on a series of negative repercussions. By letting in more natural light from UV rays, you are not only solving these repercussions but also doing yourself and others a favor.

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