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The Value of Mindfulness in a Coworking Space in the Philippines | Workplays Blog

The Value of Mindfulness in a Coworking Space in the Philippines

The Value of Mindfulness in a Coworking Space in the Philippines

How does mindfulness help create a better workplace?

1.  Mindfulness helps improve office morale and foster good employee relationships.

2.  Mindfulness helps strengthen focus and improve work quality.

3.  The coworking spaces help foster mindfulness by establishing a small and effective community of like-minded individuals.


Coworking spaces in the Philippines have been on a rise in the past few years – with numerous spaces being established across the country. It has become the preferred destination for employees, entrepreneurs, and freelancers who are looking for an accessible and affordable working location that has all of the things they need like food and beverages, Wi-Fi, and comfortable furniture. With the rising office rent in the Philippines, coworking spaces have become a more cost-effective choice.

Coworking spaces create a productive community and encourage a cooperative atmosphere that helps get business done. This does wonders to people’s mindfulness, especially in a time where it has become important. Mindfulness can be a big factor in seeing if an office is productive or not, which is why it is valuable. To learn more about this, here is the value of mindfulness in a Philippine coworking space.



What is mindfulness

What is mindfulness?

Since some people are not exactly familiar with the term, mindfulness is a term that can be used in the workplace. In a world where work is highly demanding and rigorous, mindfulness can be integrated into the workplace to improve office morale and foster a stronger and more cooperative workplace. This is something that can help the entire workplace in terms of how much work is done and even the quality of work. With communication, empathy, and sociability being a very important part of today’s work environment, mindfulness helps get these values and traits going.


The Value of Mindfulness

The Value of Mindfulness

One of the things that need to be smoothened out and fostered in the workplace is good relationships between co-workers. Establishing good manners and rapport is always something that you would love to have in the workplace as it is an instant morale booster. Some companies have been struggling in this department, which is why coworking spaces can be able to help improve employee relationships.

Being in a coworking space allows you to interact with different people from a variety of industries. This not only helps expand your personal network, but also develop positive and fruitful relationships. This helps create a sense of community that cooperates with each other, which is one of the main goals of having coworking spaces.

Having mindfulness allows you to function in work properly as well, as it would improve your mentality and strengthen your focus. This allows you to accomplish your tasks properly and on time. This would be able to create a stable work environment, that is able to find the right balance between work, rest, and fun. With good mindfulness, people would be able to achieve more at their work.


The Impact of the Coworking Space

The Impact of the Coworking Space

Thanks to the diversity and openness that coworking spaces provide you, you would be able to create a great atmosphere that is social and interactive. Coworking spaces in the Philippines have been at the forefront in developing mindfulness and cooperation at work and will continue to do so in the next few years. Mindfulness has been researched for a long period of time already, and the studies show that companies and places that encourage it have become more productive and effective. With the high office rent in the Philippines, it would be no surprise to see more coworking spaces being established in the country.


Key Takeaway

Mindfulness is something that can be developed into something special and productive in the workplace. By fostering this idea in coworking spaces in the Philippines, we would be able to have the best working environment that makes everything simply work.

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