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Work Bag Essentials You Need Right Now | Workplays Blog

Work Bag Essentials You Need Right Now

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What are the work bag essentials that you need right now?

  1. Hygiene Items
  2. First Aid Kit
  3. Extra Face Masks
  4. Your Own Utensils
  5. Water Jug


Times have changed and so have our work bag essentials. Months ago, our everyday work bags would mostly consist of electronics, wallets, and personal toiletries. But today, with the uncertainty of COVID-19 still looming over the country, there are some specific items that you should be carrying along with you at all times.

We have a handy checklist ready for you! With these must-haves equipped in your office bag, you are ensured extra health, protection, and preparedness. Make your work life a breeze even during these times. Never leave home without these 5 necessities:


Hygiene Items

It is of utmost importance to have hygiene items in your bag. If possible, bring along your own personal hand soap to avoid sharing soap in public bathrooms.

Make sure that you always have a hand sanitizer, alcohol, or wet wipes to use when there is no access to soap and water around. You can even use these to clean the surfaces near you. Keep travel-sized versions of these in a toiletry pouch to fit in your bag.


First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Your work bag should always have items to treat minor injuries. These will avoid trips to the clinic and the pharmacy when you’re out. Great and practical first aid essentials to have in your bag are Band-Aids in a variety of different sides, ointments, over-the-counter medicines, and sterile gloves. If you have an underlying health concern, you should also make sure that you are equipped with your own appropriate medicine just in case.


Extra Face Masks

Whether it be a washable face mask or a disposable one, always wear a face mask to protect yourself and those around you. Wearing one in public is a must these days. You should always have extras of it in your bag at all times. Some are even opting for face shields lately. You can look into it if you want protection from fogging, dust, and splashes.


Your Own Utensils

Eco friendly disposable tableware from palm leaf or betel nut ,

One of the fastest ways germs can spread from person-to-person is by mouth. This is why during these times, it’s best to bring your own personal utensils. Using these while eating out for lunch breaks or for eating at the office will be safer and more hygienic. It would also be a good idea to invest in your own reusable straw for your safety and ease of use.


Water Jug

Avoid drinking from other cups and bring your own water jug to work. This is will not only be hygienic and safe, but it will also do wonders for your health. Having a water jug at your desk will be a visual reminder for you to stay hydrated. Being well-hydrated at work will additionally improve productivity, reduce morning fatigue, and can boost your metabolism.


Key Takeaway

The pandemic has unquestionably changed our day-to-day, even our work bag essentials. There are certain items that you should never leave home without. Make sure you equip your everyday work bag with these items to ensure a fuss and worry-free workday.

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