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Virtual Office Manila: Great Ways to Celebrate Women’s Month in the Workplace

Virtual Office Manila: Great Ways to Celebrate Women’s Month in the Workplace

Virtual Office Manila Celebrate Womens Month

What are some fun and educational ways to celebrate Women’s Month in any work space?

  1. Incorporate it in the company newsletter
  2. Setup a breakfast or lunch ceremony with co-workers
  3. Encourage gender diversity in the office
  4. Women in books and films


Women’s Month is a time in the year wherein we should make it a point to remember and appreciate the significant roles that women have played throughout history. These days, it’s easy to find a Virtual office here in Manila known for being a tune with progressiveness.

Women in the office have experienced many maligned instances of stereotyping, harassment, and discrimination. In this day and age, we need to make strong conscious efforts to promote women in the workplace as well as in a variety of every front. This Women’s Month reminds us to continue in greatly showing appreciation for the women in our lives. Even in the many Manila office spaces for rent, upper management should encourage participation for this Women’s Month.

Here are some great ways to celebrate Women’s Month in the office:


Company Newsletter

A great idea and initial stepping stone for bringing into light Women’s Month is to incorporate it in the company newsletter. Whether print or digital, whatever medium it is that is utilized in overall workplace news, it would be the ideal platform for sharing the history and facts on women’s struggles and achievement throughout the centuries. Ultimately, not only does this spread awareness; it incites inspiration throughout the office.


Awards Ceremony

Schedule and plan an awards ceremony for the women co-workers. This puts a spotlight on all the great work that has been done and gives well-deserved recognition for the women of your workplace. Giving respect for these women shows admiration and boosts office morale.

Regardless of what day or event it is, the showing of genuine appreciation always brings into light how equally important each individual is in any organization. The idea of an awards ceremony can also be a wonderful opportunity for inter-office bonding –a light-hearted activity that brings all the co-workers together as a well-gelled functioning unit.


Gender Diversity

Arguably the most deep-rooted conflict issue that is constantly raised is the concern of gender inequality. Throughout history, women have always been belittled in their abilities due to stigmatized gender roles.

A great activity to try out with the entire office is to gather and watch TED talks from various inspiring women that teach us to overcome. Embracing diversity in any operations gives a good reputation, improves performance, and births innovation through creativity.


Celebrate through books and films

Get together with your officemates and talk about issues surrounding Women’s Month. Read books on the strength of women like Joan of Arc. Watch films like Carol (2015) by Todd Haynes, as well as the films of Agnès Varda and Greta Gerwig –take them in, and discuss your experiences.



Key Takeaway

Women should be given the love and respect they deserve in every place, including every virtual office here in Manila. You don’t necessarily have to donate or join a march for this cause, simply showing small gestures of  appreciation in a Manila office space for rent can make all the difference.

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