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Virtual Offices in Manila

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Nowadays, you don’t just have to work in the classic work environment known as your office. With the advancement of technology and other corporate opportunities, work can be as remote to a coffee shop or even in the comforts of your own home. Just keep yourself equipped with your computer, internet connectivity, and your ideas – and you are good to go.

Virtual offices have taken over the business world by storm. Thanks to the assistance of various serviced offices in Manila, this isn’t just a fad that will phase out quickly, but this is slowly becoming a custom in the country. There is nothing like the capability of working from any location, connecting to other professionals, working with the support of technology, and other aspects of a professional office. The advantages and opportunities your business can gain from this are almost endless.

In fact, numerous start-up companies around Metro Manila have started from this step and have continued to thrive from the support of their online audience and numerous investors and partners. In case you are a freelancer or a professional who wants to know where these virtual offices are in the Metro, here is the complete list of all the serviced offices here in Manila.



Makati City

Makati City

This city is one of the country’s biggest business capital. With its aesthetics and industries revolving around the corporate aspect of a business, the virtual capabilities and opportunities are guaranteed to be widely available to the populace. Here are the virtual offices based in Makati City:




  • Makati Corporate Office Services Inc. (MakatiCorp)

The first out of many entries hailing from one of the Metro’s premier cities and Metro Manila’s central business district, MakatiCorp is one of Makati’s corporate virtual offices. With an instant access to virtual assistants and packages ranging from Php550 to Php2,000.00, your new business is guaranteed to thrive under any circumstances.



  • Servcorp

For only Php8,900.00, you can get the full virtual office package in either two of Makati’s premier locations: 6750 or Tower One Ayala Triangle.


Compass Office

  • Compass Offices

This office offers a virtual business experience like no other. One of the biggest names in the start-up industry, Compass Offices will definitely support your business all the way. To make things more convenient, they also have a branch in one of Metro Manila’s premier corporate cities, Bonifacio Global City.


Arch Offices

  • Arch Offices

Located in Paseo De Roxas, Arch Offices houses a multitude of companies – both start-up businesses and well-known companies. Its virtual offices offer the same services to help start your company from the ground up and are guaranteed to keep it rising to the top of success.



Quezon City

Quezon City

Further north lies a city that gleams with opportunity. Quezon City houses more than just two of the most famous universities in the Philippines and it also houses offices that offer companies assistance whenever it is needed. Here are some of the virtual offices available to the city’s populace:



Alchemy Business Center

  • Alchemy Business Center

This office caters to all kinds of businesses. While it helps professional businesses ensure that they keep running, they are able to help start-up companies by providing assistance when needed and to establish a solid connection with their target markets.


Towers Virtual Office

  • Towers Virtual Office and Business Center

Located at Eastwood, Towers Virtual Office and Business Center is the place where business and technology meet. Its virtual offices enable one to control their business from anywhere and ensure it is good running with customers everywhere.



  • Regus

A big name in the Industry, Regus ensures that your company will stand among the rest. Their 24/7 virtual office assistance will ultimately ensure you that your company is in good hands, wherever you are.


47 East

  • 47 East

While a co-working space in business, their virtual assistance can help you just as much. With 47 East, you are able to connect with other partners in just a click and run your company with your fingertips.



Bonifacio Global City

Bonifacio Global City (Taguig City)

This is the city that never sleeps in the Philippines, both in business and luxury. If you ever find yourself looking for enormous opportunities for your company, here are some of the offices that can help you find so in any virtual aspect:



  • VOffice

This office comes in almost any virtual form. If you don’t feel the need to go to an actual office, you can do the work in the comfort of your own home with their services and assistance offered.



  • MyOffice, Bonifacio Global City

Established in 2004, MyOffice offers leisurely convenience coupled with a professional success that will ensure the growth of your company. With multiple branches around BGC and Makati, you will be able to monitor your business from anywhere and anytime that is convenient for you.


KMC Solutions

  • KMC Solutions

This office, in both physical and virtual, offers any solution to any conflict your business may encounter, hence part of its name. Establishing operations in the country since 2009, KMC Solutions offers a variety of scopes and approaches your business may take in the virtual world.


Project T Solutions

  • Project T Solutions

While a co-working space in nature, Project T Solutions and its virtual office promote qualities such as diversity, equality, and a wide range of other aspects in establishing your company name.


Marimo Real Estate Inc.

  • Marimo Real Estate Inc.

When looking for a property to own or to occupy, Marimo Real Estate Inc. offers an abundance of locations for you to survey. With online means of looking being available, looking for a property is just a click away.


Key Takeaway

The corporate world of business has truly evolved into something more accessible, convenient, and diverse for every professional, freelancer, and aspiring business owner in the country. If you wish to take a chance with any of these offices – or any other virtual office you may know of – go ahead, dive right in, and let your ideas rise from the ground.

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