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How to Socialize in Coworking Spaces

How to Socialize in Coworking Spaces


What are the different ways to socialize in coworking spaces?

  1. Connect with them after work
  2. Be concise
  3. Focus on optimism
  4. Offer your time

Talking with other people seems to be enjoyed by most of us. Communication is done by two or more people who socially connect if they want to discuss a topic that they both want to know more about. However, there are a lot of challenges to face when socializing with others, especially when there’s a good number of them. Can we keep up with their knowledge of the subject matter? How do we keep the conversation going? How can I effectively communicate what I’m thinking to the person I’m socializing with? Talking for a long period with someone else is a form of art that most people nowadays find difficult to do because of the influence that technology has brought to our lives.

Socializing in coworking spaces is very important. No matter what language or dialect you speak, we cannot deny the fact that we always have to communicate with one another because it is a way of establishing connections with other people. You can start with socializing by getting their attention by asking them a question or their insights about a certain topic so that a relationship can be made between the two of you. Without further ado, here are the different ways to help you have better communication skills so that socializing in coworking spaces will be a piece of cake.

Connect With Them After Work


If you decide to do this, you will be able to establish a deeper and stronger relationship with your fellow freelancer and this contributes to the growth of your career since both of you will be tackling various topics outside of your field. You have the chance to know more about their personal lives when you try to socialize with them outside of the professional context. Try to ask questions about what they like to do in their spare time, their hobbies, or anything that both of you are interested in like baking or football. You will not only be establishing a connection with them but, hopefully, you’ll also be able to establish a friendship with them which goes beyond the boundary of just acquaintances.

Be concise

For any occasion that you go to with your coworker, we highly suggest making the conversation shorter and concise so that they do not get tired of what you are talking about. If you say a lot of repetitive and hifalutin words, your listener will not be interested in the conversation anymore. Make sure to control the number of words that you say and be more brief and clear in the best way that you can. Aside from the fact that it will make your listener interested, they will most probably ask for more stories from you. This also enables you to save more time and make being direct and straightforward a habit – something that more people need in a busy world. 

Focus on Optimism


Learn to be cautious about the things that you say specifically about the person that you are talking about and do not speak negatively. Spreading negative information about your colleagues may lead to lower self-esteem as well as the creation of an unhealthy and toxic coworking space. 

Negativity achieves nothing and it only worsens problems and issues. If you want to adjust to the situation, change the way you perceive things such as: what is the root cause of the problem and then decide on the most appropriate reaction that you need to make. For instance, a solution should be known by involved parties. Socializing and effective communication is one of the solutions to make the coworking space a healthy and productive space to work at. The words that we speak are a significant factor to this so it is better to focus on the positive things rather than pulling each other apart.

Offer Your Time


Several coworking spaces have the opportunity to organize and run volunteer activities. They do this so that they can repay what society has given to them. You will never regret this experience because you will see how a positive mindset can change the lives of so many people. This is a better way to spend your day off and to take a break from your work. Besides, you will also get to know more and socialize with your colleagues during the activity.

Key Takeaway

There are indeed other methods on how to improve and be better in socializing in coworking spaces. However, the suggestions that we have given you above are only a fraction of the other things that you should also learn. One of the most important parts to remember is that we have to concentrate on the values that we have and to incorporate it in our coworking space. With this, we can establish a great and stronger relationship with the people around us. We just have to communicate every day and make it a part of our daily routine. 

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