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Nail Your Next Virtual Presentation with These 7 Tips | Workplays Blog

Nail Your Next Virtual Presentation with These 7 Tips

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What are some good tips to nail virtual presentations?

  1. Test Out Your Internet Connection and Audio
  2. Utilize Up-To-Date Tools
  3. Make it Visually Appealing
  4. Make Your Words Readable
  5. Look into The Camera
  6. Remove Distractions
  7. Practice


If you’re one of those individuals who are working remotely or from home, it is well worth investing some time in learning how to execute a seamless and engaging virtual presentation. Compared to in-person presentations where you have so much room to work with, virtual presentations impose quite a few challenges and intimidation. Tech issues, distractions, or your audience can also stray away. Because of this, you need to work twice as hard. Luckily, we’re here to give you some great and effective virtual presentation tips to deliver a powerful, fun, and engaging presentation! Read on for more!


Test Out Your Internet Connection and Audio

Tech issues are definitely one of the major mishaps that come with presentations. But, with in-person presentations, you can still go on and engage with your audience until it gets resolved. With virtual presentations, you no longer have this luxury. So, to ensure a seamless and tech issue-free presentation, make sure to test out everything beforehand. Make sure that your internet connection has good speed — enough to cover everything you’ll be doing. You’d also want to test your audio and your microphone. You wouldn’t want any of these to fluctuate during your presentation.


Utilize Up-To-Date Tools

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The possibilities of technology are endless! There is a plethora of online tools nowadays that you can utilize to make your virtual presentation convenient, fun, and engaging! Craft it by adding in chats, polls, features, and more.


Make it Visually Appealing

You have one biggest challenge in virtual presentations — distraction. Your audience will likely be more distracted during these times, so make sure to step up your game! Visuals are one of the most effective strategies for this. To capture your audience’s eye and attention, incorporate informative and visually appealing graphics. Or you can even switch up the colors and the fonts to make it look more organized. But make sure that it isn’t overwhelming as well.


Make Your Words Readable

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It’s best to add in minimal words to your presentation and let yourself do all the talking instead. This way, your audience will have their ears on you. However, if you will add in some text to your presentation, make sure that the font size and type are readable.


Look into The Camera

It may seem awkward to be talking to a camera at first, but this step will make all the difference. Looking into the camera will make each individual feel like you are talking to them personally.


Remove Distractions

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Before you head on to share your screen, make sure that there are no unnecessary tabs, distractions, or any possible intermissions. Plus, you should also stay in a clean, clear, and quiet area to avoid any interruptions.



As the saying goes “practice makes perfect”. It’s always a good idea to practice and run through your virtual presentation. This way, you can also relieve your nervousness and makes sure that everything goes seamlessly.


Key Takeaway

In this COVID-19 world where most of us are now working remotely or from home, it pays to be equipped with some great virtual presentation tips. Try these out for yourself! Use these strategies above and you’re bound to execute a powerful, informative, fun, and engaging virtual presentation.

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