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How does Furniture Affect Productivity in Coworking Spaces?

How does Furniture Affect Productivity in Coworking Spaces

How does furniture affect productivity?

  1. Mood Through Furniture Design
  2. Great Office Ergonomics
  3. Spatial Planning
  4. Storage Solutions
  5. Lighting


One of the most beneficial resources available to freelancers, work from home employees, remote workers, and entrepreneurs today are coworking spaces. They provide a convenient environment for any kind of individual finding a creative place to work. Among the various factors that affect efficiency in the office environment, furniture may seem like something you shouldn’t worry too much about. But you might just be surprised to know that this, in fact, plays a huge role in productivity. Business owners tend to often neglect how furniture affects productivity in coworking spaces. It is a fundamental element that makes up the work environment.

Take a look around your coworking spaces, and what do you see? You have your lights, tables, chairs, and more. These are all linked to well-being and performance in terms of work productivity. To help you make an informed choice about the right coworking space, we have compiled a list of ways in which office furniture influences the productivity of the space.


Mood Through Furniture Design

When it comes to coworking spaces in this day and age, the atmosphere and furniture must appeal to two balancing acts: fun and functional. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other! Coworking spaces have been turning to the idea of a classic traditional office by designing spaces that feel more catered to the new generation. For a refreshed mind, make sure that the coworking space that you choose will surround you with furniture that lifts your mood through their colors and visual appearance. This is a great way to relieve stress and create a laidback yet productive working environment. At the same time, watch out for spaces that may be too overwhelming in color.


Great Office Ergonomics

Great Office Ergonomics

In line with furniture design, the furniture that some coworking spaces select may be picturesque and aesthetically pleasing yet sacrifices physical comfort. Given that you spend most of the day in this environment to finish up your workload, you should be provided with ergonomic furniture. How does this affect productivity? Well, when individuals are fully comfortable in their place, they tend to focus solely on the work and tasks that they are doing, rather than moving around to find the most comfortable position.

Chairs and tables that aren’t comfortable and support the back and arms can have long term and negative effects on your body. Choose a coworking space that has great office ergonomics, you’ll be thanking yourself down the road.


Layout and Placement

In order for coworking spaces to offer an ultimate collaborative environment for their workers, they need to ensure that their furniture and tools don’t take up the space of the entire office. This is done through strategic space planning. Coworking spaces should know where to place furniture to maximize output. This should be done in such a way where the equipment and furniture are placed in a logical, functional, and highly efficient manner.

See to it that tables aren’t too close to each other and chairs are not confined in one area. Spaces shouldn’t be too cramped or overwhelmingly large. Consider looking into working spaces that have a balance of privacy and collaboration.


Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

You wouldn’t want to be surrounded by clutter while working, would you? Clutter is one of the worst productivity killers out there, so it is optimal to choose a coworking space that has storage solutions. These don’t have to be bulky lockers and big shelves. Just as long as you are provided with space-saving drawers, shelves, and tool storage in your coworking space, you will be much more productive.



With many employees and workers relying on their laptop screens and tablets for all of their work, you may think that the lighting from your surroundings is less important. Lighting in the workplace environment matters more than you think. Firstly, quality lighting can help reduce the glare and rays around the computer screen and will promote more eye health and minimize headaches. Secondly, dim and poor lighting also links to your energy levels. It can make your days slower and make you feel sleepy and more tired than you are.


Key Takeaway

The productivity in a coworking space involves a multitude of elements that must be taken into account, and one of the top factors are its furniture. So before you select a workspace to spend your days in, make sure to choose a coworking that values how furniture affects productivity. If you are looking for a space for maximum productivity, you can make the most out of your time here at Workplays! We have got you covered with modern and convenient furniture, and a vibrant environment to work in. Make great things happen in just one space. Click here to find out more!

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