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5 Types of Co-Workers You Might Encounter Working in a Virtual Office in Manila

5 Types of Co-Workers You Might Encounter Working in a Virtual Office in Manila

What are the types of co-workers you may encounter when working in a virtual office in Manila?

  1. The Best Friend
  2. The Complainer
  3. The Musician
  4. The Cool Guy/Gal
  5. The Gossiper



Working in a virtual office in Manila, or pretty much any office around the area, can be great, although it can get a bit random at times. Day by day, you encounter a lot of different people, with a lot of different personalities to deal with—and in your case, some of them can be great, while others can get on your nerves sometimes!

In any case, working on something on a day-to-day basis can allow you to interact with different people and different personalities. If you’re looking to learn more about this notion, here are some of the different types of co-workers you might encounter when working in a virtual office in Manila:



The Best Friend

Of course, when working in an office, it’s nice to have a co-worker to bond with every day, the one confidante that can help you through any stressful day in the office, the one you can really get into a strong bond with! In any case, the ‘best friend’ type of co-worker is the one person you can rely on when things get tough!

Think of it this way: when working in a virtual office in Manila, things can get complicated and, as a release, you want to talk to someone about it. With your best friend in the same office as you, you get to vent out your frustrations with more ease! In fact, maybe your best friend vents out the same frustrations they may have, making a mutual release really great!



The Complainer

The Complainer

Now, this is the co-worker, whether in a Manila virtual office or any office in general, that you really don’t want to meet on the daily. Sure, things can get complicated at times, and various changes can happen when you least expect them to—but it doesn’t mean that you have to complain about everything that happens, which is what “the complainer” is known for!

Dealing with this type of co-worker can be troublesome at times, but otherwise manageable. Of course, things can get particularly stressful—but unlike the complainer, the best way to deal with it is to continue doing your best in what you do and keep your head held high! That way, you yourself don’t end up as the complainer in the future.



The Musician

While working in a virtual office all around can allow people to work in the comfort of their own homes, working in an actual office can allow you to encounter this type of co-worker, that is if you’re looking for a treat for your ears while you work!

The musician is the kind of co-worker that is never seen without a guitar by his/her side. For sure, you’ll be hearing them blasting out their new songs when things go a bit slow in the office! In fact, you can also count on some impromptu jam sessions in the office! Now that’s a co-worker you really want to jam with!



The Cool GuyGal

The Cool Guy/Gal

When it comes to working in an office in general, popularity is something that has mixed opinions, as well as being unavoidable at times. In this case, the “cool guy/gal” is someone you might encounter in your office on a day-to-day basis!

This is the co-worker who is usually into the latest trends the year has to offer, as well as being seen as famous for the things they do. You can even find them with huge followings on Instagram and Twitter, making them even more influential than ever! Of course, their performance on the job should be looked at, and not just their immense popularity.



The Gossiper

This is the type of co-worker that just loves to get their noses into other people’s businesses. They know almost every secret that the others are oblivious to, all the latest news about their co-workers, and they may even know something about you. Sure, they can be fun to hang out with if you’re interested in hearing the latest gossip—but then again, things can be deceiving and the most important trait for any individual is office professionalism.



Key Takeaway

Working in virtual offices around Manila and any other offices can be routine as time passes by—and no matter how things can get in the office, these 5 types of co-workers can make your days at work very interesting!

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