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Employee Wellness Programs with Office Spaces for Lease in Paranaque

Employee Wellness Programs with Office Spaces for Lease in Paranaque

What employee wellness programs would work at office spaces for lease in Paranaque?

  1. Nutrition personalization
  2. Corporate wellness
  3. Disease prevention


For many people before, living a life of wellness just meant choosing to eat the right food and doing sufficient exercise so your body keeps functioning. Now, these choices also have implications on the way you deal with stresses in daily life. Your wellness isn’t just solely dependent on the physical, but also the mental and emotional.

Therefore, it is vital higher-ups at offices spaces for lease in Paranaque invest in wellness programs. A lot of their staff is need of these program since they usually don’t put the time in caring for themselves due to office demands. They don’t bother learning new practices and knowledge which could potentially improve their bodies and minds. By getting fitness experts who can teach important information, leaders are caring for their employees by caring for their health. When you have healthy workers, you also have more productive workers.

When it comes to employee wellness programs, these are the types which can easily be implemented in any Paranaque office space:


Nutrition Personalization

Nutrition Personalization

Everyone’s circumstances are different and because of this, nutritious eating is also different for everyone. Nutritious programs have become more personal in 2018 and will continue to be so well into 2019.

Here, experts shift their focus from specific meal plans to more general tips and advice for healthier eating. These tips lean toward more general lifestyle changes, such as controlling your portion sizes, cutting out junk food, etc. The goal is for their participants to do these tips regularly until they become healthy “habits”. Habits are easier to commit to than strict meal plans because employees can adjust them according to their lifestyle.

On the other hand, nutritional advice focuses more on the medical science of your body. Specifically, how your health is heavily influenced by your unique genetic makeup. Thanks to genetic testing, science has discovered that some people need more protein, fats, and nutrient compared to others because it is what is stated in their DNA. Experts can tell employees companies they can go to have their genetics tested.

Nutrition personalization can improve the health of your employees in the long-term. Not only will their body feel better, but they don’t have to worry so much about what they should eat on the basis. Their minds and heart also feel at ease.

Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness programs focus on a broad range of health practices employees can follow while they are in the office. Employees underestimate how their work can negatively impact not only their physical health but also mental health. In terms of physical health, the office environment can be detrimental to employees’ bodies because they are forced to still all day. On the other hand, not moving for long periods of time can make your more prone to depression and memory loss.

To address physical and mental health problems in the office, experts usually teach people simple exercises which pushes them to move away from their desk. Employees are afraid to do physical activities in the office even if they are helpful because of the perceived lack of space. Thus, fitness experts answered that problem by coming up with exercises that consist of small movements and are easy to do even outside the gym. Common workplace exercises include stretching and tilting different body parts, such as your back.

Whether your employees work in a large co-working space near the airport, or in a small office cubicle in the city, size should not stop them from taking care of themselves.


Disease prevention

Disease Prevention

Your employees right now, are at high risk for diseases. Diabetes, heart attack, cancer, body pain, you name it. Because so many employees end up taking leaves to address these concerns, their companies also end up spending so much money on health care. Not only that, but employees also face a lot of other problems outside of their physical body. They worry about the financial problems that go with hospitalization, and the emotional struggles their loved ones will face as a result.

Thus, higher-ups need to spend on wellness programs that teach their employees how to protect themselves from popular disease epidemics. Prevention is key to avoiding major problems in the first place.

In the US, one of the top 5 health conditions American employees suffer from is musculoskeletal pain issues such as arthritis. As a response, several brands in 2018 decided to invest in workplace wellness programs that education on different lessons on musculoskeletal pain issues including:

  • The different factors that make you develop these issues
  • Prevention tactics which can prevent you from developing these issues

Heart disease, on the other hand, was one of the biggest killers in the Philippines during 2017. It can be good for companies at office space for lease in Paranaque or co-working spaces near the airport to invest in heart disease prevention programs for their employees.


Key Takeaway

Wellness is now more important than ever because an unhealthy lifestyle not only hurts your body but also your mind and emotions. Since employees do so much for their companies, it is only fair that their higher-ups do the same by investing in wellness programs which can protect them from health problems and improve their lifestyles in the long run. When offices allow their workers to take control of their wellness, companies in return experience higher productivity.

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