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How Meal Prep Improves Your Working Experience | Workplays Blog

How Meal Prep Improves Your Working Experience

How Meal Prep Improves Your Working Experience

How does meal prep improve your working experience?

  1. Your stress level lowers
  2. You will feel less sick
  3. It raises your energy level

“What should I eat for lunch?” has become an everyday struggle for the working adult, including you. Most of us can’t find time anymore to pack our own lunch ahead of time. Buying your afternoon meal from restaurants near your office space for rent in Paranaque has become second nature. While it is definitely the easiest solution, it is not the most efficient.

Why is it not efficient? Simply, because take-out is not as advantageous as meals prepared at home. Take-out orders are on average, less healthy, more expensive, and dirtier than the food you cook at home. Additionally, they can lower our work productivity. Because of these reasons, it would only make sense to commit to meal prepping on an everyday basis.Meal prep is the act of cooking a large meal before your work week starts, and then dividing it so you have packed lunch every day. It is not difficult or time-consuming. Plus, you have the freedom to add as many healthy food items as you desire, like lean meats and vegetables.

If you need further proof as to why you should meal prep, then these are preparing your lunch beforehand will improve your working experience:

Your stress level lowers

Your stress level lowers

Most people assume that the only stress restaurant meals give us is a financial stress. After all, they aren’t cheap and eating them on a regular basis can blow a hole in your wallet. But, it goes deeper than that.

Certain foods can make us feel more anxious at work than others because they tend to have too much salt and one of the saltiest foods employees commonly run to are fast food meals. First, salt can starve the body of potassium which our brain needs to process our emotions and thoughts. Second, we feel more dehydrated and a dehydrated person is a very moody person.

It can be heart-wrenching to finish outputs at a co-working space in Manila because of the deadlines. You wouldn’t want to eat food that makes you feel even worse about yourself.

You will feel less sick

When you are finishing deliverables at your co-working space in Manila during a stressful week, the last thing you want is diarrhea or food poising because of your lunch. You will have to take a sick leave and time that could be spent at the office disappears.

Sadly, eating take-out can give you more prone to these stomach illnesses. Eating food cooked by other people will always be risky to your stomach because you are never sure if they followed the cleanliness protocols while they made your meal. When they don’t follow these protocols, your meal becomes a breeding ground for bacteria like Bacillus Cereus and Salmonellosis

At least with your packed lunch, you are secure in knowing you properly cleaned all your vegetables.

It raises your energy level

It raises your energy level

You can focus better at work after eating your prepared meal because it has more energy-boosting nutrients than the usual restaurant fare. Meals served in restaurant lack the nutrients our body needs to function well, and instead, are full of energy sucking fats and processed sugars, since those are the type of food customers are drawn to.

Fatty foods, such as fried chicken, can drain your energy because they are low in fiber. When you have a low amount of fiber on your body, your digestion becomes slow and energy- boosting nutrients take a longer time to enter the body.

Processed sugars in pizza and pasta can make you drowsy after lunch because they quickly spike up your blood sugar too quickly. This is because the white flour in pizza and pasta contains grains with their bran layer removed. This layer had fiber which is responsible for making sure your body digest the grains slowly, so you don’t become groggy so quickly.

Key Takeaway

Preparing your meals before the workweek starts will change your 9-5 life at your office space for rent in Paranaque every day for the better. Eating restaurant take-out may be easier, but they only give your body fats, sugars, and salts which can make you feel more stressed and tired in the afternoon.

Additionally, you are never sure about how clean your food really is. With your meal prep items, you have the security of knowing that you are doing your body a service because they have a lot of nutrients and little to no disease-causing bacteria.

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