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Why a Coworking Space Near Alabang Could be Beneficial for Your Startup Company | Workplays Blog

Why a Coworking Space Near Alabang Could be Beneficial for Your Startup Company

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Why are coworking spaces beneficial for startups?

  1. Coworking spaces are cost-effective and flexible
  2. Coworking spaces have amenities and perks
  3. It provides an alternative environment and company culture
  4. The metro south is a great location for startups


The term ‘startup business’ has noticeably become popular in recent years. While there’s nothing new about the idea behind startups, the rise of digital industries around the world has given prospective entrepreneurs scalable business ideas that can hopefully become a success. Along with the rise of modern startups came virtual offices and coworking spaces. Simply put, these are progressive workplaces that cater to the needs of less traditional companies. Whether you employ the use of a virtual office in the Philippines or a coworking space near Alabang, either choice can be beneficial for your startup business.

Let’s take a look at how coworking spaces could help take your startup to the next level.


Coworking spaces are cost-effective and flexible

Coworking spaces are cost-effective and flexible

If your startup business is like most other startup businesses, then that would mean that your budget is naturally limited. This is why most startup companies or firms are noticeably frugal in their expenditures — only employing a number of people (if not the owner working solo), conducting small-scale operations, and not having their own workplace or office.

Pay attention to that last instance of cost-cutting methods most startups do because that is where coworking spaces can be of optimal use. Traditional office leasing involves long-term contracts that come with hefty fees. Startups can’t usually afford these kinds of terms because of practicality issues. It’s hard to maximize a traditional office space because there’s usually not enough people to do so. Factor in utility bills and other miscellaneous fees that come with leasing an office space long-term, then it becomes clear that the cost is not worth it.

In contrast, coworking spaces are not only cost-effective but also flexible time-wise. Subscribing to a monthly rental fee is a much more practical option than being tied down for a year. Some of the best coworking spaces and virtual offices in the Philippines even offer daily or walk-in rentals. Given the unpredictability of the future, especially for startups, using a time-flexible working space is the most optimal setup.  


Coworking spaces have amenities and perks

Aside from being flexible and cost-effective, what makes working in a coworking space so appealing are the amenities and perks that come with it. The first thing of note here is that coworking spaces are already fully furnished and usually come equipped with office essentials such as Wi-Fi, coffee, phone systems, copy and fax machines, conference rooms, and a pantry.

The best coworking spaces offer a number of the aforementioned amenities for free, so be on the lookout for those establishments to find the best bang for your buck.


It provides an alternative environment and company culture

It provides an alternative environment and company culture

In terms of the intangible advantages with regards to working spaces, one of the more refreshing qualities of a coworking space is that it provides an alternative to company culture and environment. This is not to say that there is something fundamentally wrong with most traditional company cultures, but there is a noticeable difference.

Traditional company culture and environment are associated with cubicles, grey spaces, corporate attires, adherence to a strict chain of command, departmentalization, etc. Coworking spaces are designed to be an alternative to that kind of setting.

While they also have a dress code, it is usually lenient. As long as you are wearing something appropriate and not disruptive to the working environment, then you are going to be fine. Coworking spaces also have a noticeable absence of cubicles and table separators. This encourages co-working and collaboration, something that is also not too prevalent in traditional office setups. Startups businesses can benefit from deviating from normal working norms because it often takes a lot of creativity to develop something unique, especially when it comes to business. An enthusiastic culture and environment can be a big factor in fostering that much-needed creativity.

Since coworking spaces are a rather recent development in the professional world, there is still more left to discover about the culture surrounding it. Consider it an added incentive to try out a coworking space near Alabang and see how different and refreshing it can be.


The metro south is a great location for startups

Now that the advantages of coworking spaces have been examined, it’s time to go into why Alabang and the metro south is a great location to establish your startup business.


Decongested Location

One of the best parts of establishing a startup business in the metro south is that it is relatively decongested when compared to the main central business districts like Makati and BGC. This means there will be fewer instances of heavy traffic, and more opportunities to find space. A coworking space near Alabang can be the most accessible and accommodating option when compared to other areas.


The metro south has potential for growth

Considering that the previously mentioned business districts are already reaching critical mass in terms of physical space, new enterprises are having a hard time finding a proper spot for their business. Many of these businesses are already starting to flock down south in order to find a place for their company or organization. This movement contributes to the already ongoing development of the general metro south including areas such as Alabang, Las Pinas, and Paranaque.

That being said, it could also be beneficial for your startup to be situated in a developing area because it allows your startup to scale in a smoother fashion — allowing you to match the growth of your business with the continuous development of the local industries.


Key Takeaway

Now that you know why a coworking space near Alabang is beneficial for your startup, what better way for you to try it than by trying out the services of Workplays.

Workplays is a coworking space and virtual office that embodies all the qualities stated above and more. Since it is located in the heart of BF Paranaque, it is not only near Alabang but also the other main areas in the metro south. Click here to check out our rates and for more information, click here!

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