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Best Places in BF Paranaque to Release Post-Work Stress | Workplays Blog

Best Places in BF Paranaque to Release Post-Work Stress

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Where are the best places in BF Paranaque to release post-work stress?

  1. Central Aguirre
  2. MTOM PC / Buzz
  3. Shakes and Ladders
  4. Alamat BF Paranaque
  5. Turtles KTV


If you are part of the working population, then you would know that work-related stress is no joke. There really is no escaping the dreaded worries that come with work which is why de-stressing is an important aspect of managing your professional life. If you are working around Paranaque or the Metro South in general, then you are in for a treat because here are some of the best restaurants, cafes, and bars in BF Paranaque where you can release some post-work tension.


Central Aguirre

Dance lovers

Central BBQ Boy is a famous chain of resto-bars in Metro Manila focusing on popular Filipino favorite foods and booze. The branch in Aguirre Avenue is their first-ever branch which is why there is a certain aura that comes with eating and drinking. Their grilled food is delicious and their original cocktails are also tasty and potent.

The best part about Central is its convenient location as it is situated along Aguirre Ave, and close to small offices and co-working spaces such as Workplays.


MTOM PC / Buzz

If you are not into drinking and more into video games, then maybe an internet cafe is much better option. MTOM PC / Buzz is one of the best internet and gaming cafes in BF Paranaque. Their computers are state-of-the-art and their premises are always clean. They also serve Korean food, coffee, and shakes so that all your needs are met while you are surfing the net or releasing your stress on your in-game enemies.


Shakes and Ladders

Shakes and Ladders

We have seen the rise of board-game cafes in recent years and Shakes and Ladders is one of the best ones around. This branch on El Grande Avenue is the second since the success of their flagship cafe in Maginhawa over at Teacher’s Village, Quezon City. With a simple yet delicious offering of sandwiches, rice meals, pasta, and shakes, you can kiss your stress goodbye while enjoying a round of your favorite game with workmates and other friends.


Alamat BF Paranaque

Going back to restaurants and bars, Alamat is one of the newest additions to the ever-growing and beloved food & drink scene in BF. While Alamat is more of a restaurant than it is a pub, like the original branch in Poblacion, Makati, they still have some of the best Filipino culture-inspired food recipes and cocktails.

Alamat could be one of the classiest ways of de-stressing in BF, which is why you should try eating or drinking (or both) there after work. It is also located in Aguirre Ave, a few paces away from the previously mentioned Central.


Turtles KTV

Senior Vietnamese couple

Last but not least, you have Turtles KTV. Can this even be considered a proper list of locations and establishments to release post-work stress if there is no singing or karaoke involved? Singing karaoke is heavily ingrained into Filipino culture which is why it is the best way of having a good time and doing away with stress.

Meanwhile, Turtles has many KTV rooms, which means you and your friends can be accommodated regardless of your party size. On top of that, they serve alcohol and food in the karaoke room which means you can have an even better time while singing your favorite tunes.


Key Takeaway

If you are working in BF Paranaque the possibilities and options are almost too numerous to count. From internet cafes to restaurants and bars in BF Paranaque, de-stressing after work is no longer that much of a problem. By maintaining a good balance in your personal and professional life, you are giving yourself the best chance of being successful.

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