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4 Reasons Why You Should Have Some Plants in Your Philippine Coworking Space | Workplays

4 Reasons Why You Should Have Some Plants in Your Philippine Coworking Space

4 Reasons Why You Should Have Some Plants in Your Philippine Coworking Space_COVER

Why should you have plans in your Philippine coworking space?

1.  Plants reduce stress.

2.  It improves your business image.

3.  It makes the air cleaner.

4.  Plants make a better work environment.


A great thing about coworking spaces in the Philippines is that they provide you with ample space to customize and design it according to your taste. However, most of us just waste the space provided by these coworking spaces and just let trash or unnecessary objects take up space that could been otherwise used for more useful objects – such as plants.

Plants are commonly seen outdoors, but there are also plants that thrive indoors and can bring about massive changes if placed in the proper place. These types of indoor plants are usually bought and used for aesthetic appeal. However, what most people do not know is that plants can also be used for various beneficial reasons at work. Stunned? Well, here are some of reasons why you need to have some plants in your coworking space.



Plants Reduce Stress

Plants Reduce Stress

Every person that has experienced working knows that there are days in work where the environment can be stressful. This is the same with coworking spaces in the Philippines;  the mere thought of a nearing deadline can be stressful for most people.

Fortunately, studies have concluded that having more greenery in a work surrounding can help us alleviate the stress that we feel and be more at ease while working. Having plants around your workspace can also help you improve your mood because they have a psychological effect that combats negative feelings such as depression and anxiety – which can make you more productive.



Improved Business Image

Improved Business Image

Surveys have presented that offices that have plants inside give potential clients the feeling of being trustworthy, well-manages, warm, welcoming, and stable. Additionally, offices that have indoor plants also experienced an improvement in their employee retention rate simply because the greenery improved the office’s aesthetic appeal.



Cleaner Air

Cleaner Air

According to a NASA study, having indoor plants can improve indoor air quality. This type of plant can combat minor health issues by reducing the carbon dioxide levels indoors, increasing indoor humidity and reduce the amount of pollutants that can be found in workspaces. Additionally, plants absorb carbon dioxide and correspondingly release oxygen which improves air quality.



A Better Work Environment

A Better Work Environment

Places like a Philippine coworking space can already be considered as a great place to work in. So, having plants in your space makes it a nicer place to work in. You should consider that you are working in that specific space for most of the day, and naturally, you would want it to be as comfortable and as relaxing as possible. This is why you should have plants in them, not only to improve your office surrounding, but also to provide a more comfortable space for you!

Key Takeaway

Your Philippines coworking space will not be complete without having plants inside their space. It is undeniable that coworking spaces are one of the most convenient locations to work in and the presence of plants in these spaces can only improve your productivity and performance. Try bringing plants to your coworking space and you’ll slowly notice a difference while working!

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