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3 Tips To Improve Motivation

3 Tips To Improve Motivation

3 Tips To Improve Motivation

What are some tips to improve motivation?

  1. Take a step back
  2. Use rewards wisely
  3. Find a positive group

One of the golden rules that I found to be more useful than expected is to never forget my humanity. What I mean is that no matter what, I’m still human and could make mistakes. I say this because I also realize one of the biggest motivation killers is a perfectionist attitude. A worker could be so motivated for months, but that motivation disappears once they make their first mistake. Others find it difficult to find motivation in the first place because of the fear of imperfection. To help you, we’ve compiled some tips to improve your motivation that might help you get back on track.

Motivation may be a difficult thing to attain for you, but let us help you by showing you a different perspective on things. Keep reading for more of our tips!

Take a step back


Sometimes, when we find ourselves deep in the hustle, we get too close to the fight and lose sight of the bigger picture. As we look forward, our attention focuses on how far we are from the goal, and we forget to check how far we’ve come from the starting point. That’s why it’s important to try taking a step back when you lose motivation.

A part of acknowledging your humanity is learning about your limits. You need to take a break every once in a while, and you can use this chance to review your progress and accomplishments. Ask yourself again, what have you accomplished? How much have you done for this goal? Seeing our progress is often a good motivator. After that, you can continue and set new goals for yourself.

Use rewards wisely

Many people fall victim to the misconception that rewarding yourself when you’re doing good is enough to motivate them. Unfortunately for those who believe it, our minds are more complicated than that. There’s a chance that the more we reward ourselves, we’ll lose interest in the task itself and focus on the reward.

The best thing to do is look for intrinsic motivation, or motivation from within, instead of extrinsic motivation that comes from rewards. Though sometimes, a combination of both is needed. A good way to use them wisely is to use extrinsic rewards at the start, when you’re getting used to the habit or task, and slowly remove them as time goes by, when intrinsic motivation is enough.

Find a positive group

Find a positive group

Humans are social creatures. Even the most introverted people still need societal integration, just less than an extrovert would. Finding a positive group with the same interests and goals as you is a good way to bolster motivation. This is because you become surrounded by people working on the same road as you, giving you more reason to work and not fall into the trap of demotivation.

Key Takeaway

These few tips to improve motivation are only a fraction of what you can do for your motivation, but even this is enough to make a big difference to your work. Taking a step back, using rewards wisely, and finding a positive group to be with should be part of your steps toward motivation.

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