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Great Christmas Ideas to Try with Officemates | Workplays Blog

Great Christmas Ideas to Try with Officemates

Great Christmas Ideas to Try with Officemates

What are great Christmas ideas to try with officemates?

  1. Making home-made decorations
  2. Set up a Christmas-themed workweek
  3. Play holiday games at the next office party


As we get older and start making adult decisions, Christmas becomes a lot less exciting. We constantly worry about the money we will spend on gifts, the inevitable workplace stress before vacation, and the awkward family reunions we all need to attend. Despite all these anxiety-inducing issues, we should still make the most out of this special holiday. After all, it comes once a year.

A good way to make Christmas more exciting is by bringing it to your office space for lease in Paranaque. Make the office merrier by doing activities with officemates which will make them more excited about the holiday.

If you have trouble deciding what activities you should do for Christmas with your office, here is a list of ideas you can try:


Make home-made decorations

Make home-made decorations

Maybe your leaders cannot dedicate an office budget for Christmas decorations. If they can’t, why not make your own with co-workers? These home-made decorations can be stuck to the walls of your co-working space near the airport with some double tape and safely removed once holidays are over.

Custom sweater stocking

  • Print or draw a stocking template on 8-1/2″ x 11″ cardboard.
  • With pins, attach the stocking template to the sweater with pins.
  • Cut the sweater by following the shape of the template. Do this for both sides of the sweater.
  • With the two cut-out pieces, sew them together by sewing the outer edges. Leave the top alone.

Popsicle snowflakes with glitter

  • Paint one side of 3 popsicle sticks with liquid glue.
  • Sprinkle colored glitter until the sticks are completely covered.
  • Once they are dry, layer the sticks until they form a snowflake.


Set up a Christmas-themed workweek

A week before December 25, why not have one Christmas-related activity every day for the week? It will definitely make the office space for lease in Paranaque more exciting, and get everyone into the holiday spirit.

Activities you can hold during any day of the week are:

Ugly sweater day – Every employee is encouraged to wear their ugliest sweaters inside the office.

Holiday card exchange – Instead of exchanging gifts, employees can exchange handwritten holiday cards with a coworker. A great way for them to personally show their thanks and appreciation to the people who work alongside them all year.

Team potluck lunch – Each team should have a work lunch together and everyone is encouraged to bring their own food.

Holiday cookie tasting – Each team should bring one type of Christmas cookie and everyone gets to try all of it.

Christmas table decoration competition – If your employees are the competitive type, hold a day where each gets to challenge each other by decoration their respective tables with Christmas decorations. The merriest looking table wins a prize.


Play holiday games at the next office party

Play holiday games at the next office party

Office parties have become a Christmas tradition for many companies. Make it more fun by adding some holiday games. You will surely have things to laugh about with your officemates at your co-working space near the airport.

Two truths and a lie

  • Each team of employees should form a circle and sit down the floor.
  • The theme of the game is ‘holiday memories’ and each person should think of two truths and lie about what happened to them during their past holiday celebrations.

What’s in the stocking?

  • Fill a Christmas stocking with 5 random holiday items like a candy cane, Christmas tree decorations, etc.
  • Get 4 employees to play and cover each of their eyes with a bandana.
  • Pass the stocking to one employee and let him or her touch all of the things before passing it to the next.
  • After the stocking has passed through all 4 employees, give them a paper and pan.
  • For 1 minute, let them write their guess in a paper.
  • The person with the most correct answers wins.


Key Takeaway

Once we reach adulthood, Christmas just doesn’t seem special anymore. When we were kids, we would smile at everything the holiday has to offer. But now, our adult minds are filled with dread over holiday-related stress. To make the Christmas more exciting, go beyond for your comfort zone and make some good memories by trying new activities with your co-workers.

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