7 Must-Try Food Spots Along Aguirre Avenue

7 Must-Try Food Spots along Aguirre Avenue

What are the best food places in Aguirre Avenue?

1.  Viet Asia

2.  The Juice Pub

3.  Container Turf

4.  Artist’s Haven Café

5.  Bamba Bistro

6.  Atoy’s Porkchop

7.  Meat Depot


One of the best things about working in a coworking space in Manila is the variety of food places that surround it. This is why BF Homes in Parañaque City has been one of the most sought after place of everyone – from students, entrepreneurs, and foodies.

Known as the food capital of South, BF Homes exhibits the most delicious restaurants and unique food spots which drive people from South and North to visit and try BF Homes’ one-of-a-kind dining experience.

If you find yourself working around this area or having your trial at Workplays, then you definitely must try these restaurants – whether during your break or after a long day at the office.



Viet Asia
Image Source: http://joyrneytolife.com/2017/06/02/viet-asia-bf-homes-paranaque/

Viet Asia

If you are craving for an authentic Vietnamese food experience, then Viet Asia is the one for you. Located just under Workplays and SEO Hacker, this hidden gem can be found in the C&C Building in Aguirre Avenue. The taste of their beef is to and the mango sticky rice will have diners coming back for more. Must-tries are the Beef Banhmi, Beef Rice Bowl, Spring Roll and Egg, Green Papaya and Pomelo Salad, and the Mango Sticky Rice.



The Juice Pub
Image Source: http://primer.com.ph/food/location/paranaque/healthy-eats-healthy-drinks-at-the-juice-pub-in-aguirre-avenue/

The Juice Pub

The owners of The Juice Pub had a common resolution in mind: to be able to stick to a healthy lifestyle. They didn’t know that it would lead them to open a restaurant that caters to both health buffs and cheat day enthusiasts.

The Juice Pub’s primary goal is to provide their customers with all the nutrients they need to keep their body running smoothly. Since it’s situated under Prime Fitness, it is truly a great place for the gym’s regulars to go to for their pre or post workout meals. The latter will help any tired body to cool down because of its calming interiors that go perfectly well with one of their refreshing drinks.



Container Turf
Image Source: http://nolisoli.ph/18212/container-turf-neighborhood-friendly-food-park/

Container Turf

One of the few food parks in the South, Container Turf offers BF Homes’ residents a food getaway that isn’t too far from their homes. Strategically placed in the middle of Aguirre Avenue, its beautiful container-themed architecture is hard to miss!

The food park has a total of 34 stalls to cover all sorts of cravings – from Eastern dishes to Western food. Within the food park’s vicinity, you can find scrumptious steaks, nutritious pho, new takes on pasta, indulgent desserts, and other unique food dishes that you can only find in Container Turf.



Atoy's Porkchop
Image Source: http://ph.phonebooky.com/blog/tapsilog-metro-manila/

Atoy’s Porkchop

Perfect for midnight cravings, Atoy’s Porkshop is a popular late-night eatery – especially after enjoying a few drinks. Their porksilog and their other various silog meals will leave visitors ordering more than one or two servings. What is amazing about their meals is that it is still delicious while looking and feeling less oily than a regular silog meal.

It is a simple place that is very budget-friendly and enjoyed by all – from the simple working Filipino to the high-rolling executive.



Artists Haven Cafe
Image Source: https://foodmetromanila.wordpress.com/2015/03/22/artists-haven-cafe-dining-within-an-art-gallery/

Artist’s Haven Café

One of the most unique places in BF Homes, the Artist’s Haven Café is the best place to go for artsy people. An art gallery and café combined, one can always enjoy a cup of coffee while appreciating the gorgeous art works made by some of the country’s most talented artists. To make the place a lot better, the place is surrounded by an ambient music which levels up the whole gallery experience.

Moreover, it is also a great venue for artistic workshops that typically happen during the weekend. Not only is the café an avenue to soothe the soul, but also one to hone the artistic mind.



Bamba Bistro
Image Source: http://www.talesfromthetummy.com/bamba-bistro-in-bf-homes-paranaque/

Bamba Bistro

Being the flagship restaurant of the nationally renowned chef, Tina Legarda, Bamba Bistro lands a sure spot in BF Homes’ must try restaurants. With an extensive menu, it brings high-end dishes usually found in the middle of a busy city to this quaint southern village. Some of the dishes, such as the bread and pasta, are even made by Chef Legarda herself. Definite must-tries are the Duck Ravioli, Cochon Sliders, and the Bistro St. Salad.

What Bamba Bistro promises, they deliver. With straightforward but interesting new concepts, any hungry patron will surely be a satisfied customer here.



Meat Depot
Image Source: http://ph.phonebooky.com/blog/16-restaurants-to-explore-in-bf-homes/

Meat Depot

Meat Depot is basically a meat shop and a restaurant rolled into one. The restaurant keeps their meat in an array of refrigerators for preservation purposes. Customers then just pick and pay for the meat they want. If customers want it cooked right there and then, all you have to do is pay an additional Php 100.

Straight from the refrigerator to the fire, the restaurant can offer fresh dishes of any choice at any time. From high-quality wagyu beef, duck goose meat, to delicious local corned beef, there’s a wide selection of meat to pick from. Topped off with mouth-watering fries, it’s the perfect place to visit for the hungry carnivore.


Key Takeaway

It is indeed true that working in Aguirre Avenue is more enjoyable with these delectable food hubs around. Not only will it make your taste buds satisfied, hence, will also let you enjoy and experience each and every single food choice that BF Homes offers.

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