Coworking Space Co-working with SEO Philippines

Coworking has been a rising trend since the 2010s started and Filipinos are loving it. As the demand for coworking spaces grow, more and more coworking spaces pop up, especially in Metro Manila. Competition is getting harder and harder but with SEO Philippines, Workplays Paranaque is fighting its way.

if you don’t know what’s a coworking space yet, then you’re probably missing out on the benefits of working at one. The term ‘coworking’ means different workers from different companies our businesses that are sharing the same environment. A coworking space is a location where these workers can collaborate and network with each other.

Coworking spaces are specifically designed to be peaceful and have a friendly ambiance. They are far from the usual look and feel of traditional offices. Most people who rent coworking spaces are those who are looking to get out of these traditional offices and work in a peaceful and relaxing environment or freelancers.

Many coworking spaces are found in the metro. They are a quick getaway to the crazy corporate world.

Aside from being a collaborative and relaxing environment, most coworking spaces also offer virtual office services.

Enter Workplays

Workplays is a coworking space located at BF Homes Paranaque. It is far from the chaotic streets and hi-ways of Metro Manila. It is strategically located to make it accessible.

Workplays was first opened in 2017. It is owned by Filipino motivational and leadership speaker Sean Si. The idea was to create a convenient and vibrant coworking space that promotes efficiency.

Workplays caters to freelancers, small companies, and startup businesses. Workplays features prices and packages that caters to each and every one of our customers. Our public area access or offered to freelancers and for small companies and startup companies, Workplays have dedicated working pods.

For the features, the Workplays team always make sure that each client have everything that they need. Workplays have high-speed WiFi to make sure our clients’ work will never be interrupted by slow loading speeds.

Workplays also serve freshly brewed coffee to keep coworkers energized throughout the day.

Aside from our beautifully designed public area and working pods, we also have a conference room for those who are looking to have formal meetings.

Workplays also regularly hosts seminars on topics like leadership, copywriting, personal finance, and many more. They prioritize their tenants but also allow other people who want to learn.

SEO Campaign

Sean Si is not only known to be the owner of Workplays, he is also the founder and CEO of the best SEO agency in the country, SEO-Hacker. SEO-Hacker is a team of Search Engine Optimization specialists. They are a young team who are highly-skilled and passionate about what they do.

The campaign is to make sure that Workplays is the number one coworking space when a person is looking for a place to work in the Paranaque area. The SEO-Hacker team targeted 7 keywords to make sure that Workplays gets to maximize its online visibility. The keywords are the following:

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The website was built as Workplays was launched. The official Workplays website was launched in 2017 with these keywords in mind.

The team followed the usual SEO process, built a fast, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly website, acquire high-quality backlinks for PageRank, create landing pages for rankings, and regularly produce high-quality blog posts.

The competition was high. It didn’t only include direct working space competitors but also websites that are listing the top coworking spaces around – and these websites are really authoritative and have been around for a while.

Currently, Workplays is not yet at the top but it’s working its way up there. Workplays started virtually at the bottom of the search results. Workplays does not promote itself in any other way besides the website and its Facebook page.