Renting an office is the best option for business owners, who want to finally work in a professional setting, away from the “home-office” that they have been using for quite some time. However, the main problem they will encounter (eventually) is the dilemma of paying for all the costs that comes with renting a traditional workplace.

Aside from being forced to pay for rental costs, they will also have to consider paying for the needed furniture, necessary office supplies, monthly utility bills, and a lot more. This is the reason why some company owners are looking for another office alternatives and solution in order to save some money.

In that case, they’ll be glad to know that there are actually numerous choices they may opt for, such as virtual offices, coworking spaces, or shared offices. The third option–shared offices–is really ideal, especially to those looking for a fully furnished office space.

What is a serviced office?

A serviced office is usually a floor in a building that exudes professionalism and has everything an office should have. They’re usually a pay-as-you-use space which offers monthly to yearly rental. It’s usually managed by a facility management company that offers flexible rental terms, a complete office set, and flexible office space, which means that they allow expansion or reduction of space in a short amount of time. The management also allows their tenants to share the reception service, office machines, and other resources to reduce the expenses of their tenants that may very well have been unaffordable beforehand.

Furthermore, serviced office providers are a dime a dozen! They can be found anywhere in the world, even in developing cities like Mumbai, or in Manila. Serviced offices are always present in them, which means that you’ll be able to find one wherever you are.

If you’re planning to rent a serviced office space, there are some things you must know to help you decide on whether to avail a serviced office space or not.

Pros of serviced offices

The advantages of renting a serviced office are as follows:

Contract Flexibility

One advantage of serviced offices that traditional rental offices simply do not have is the length of stay of the tenant. Serviced offices have contracts that are good for a monthly basis while traditional offices have contracts that last from 3-5 years, or even longer.

With the monthly contracts, tenant have freedom over their stay in the space, if they don’t like the serviced office, they can easily leave after a month. But with traditional offices, the tenant is required to utilize the space for the entire length of the signed agreement.

High Quality Staff and Equipment

Serviced offices provide all the necessities of an office for the benefit of the tenant. This would mean that receptionists, as well as other services, are also being provided!

Ultimately, this would save the tenant a huge amount of money for they no longer have to hire receptionists and other staff separately. They can also be assured that these people, who are providing them with these services, are highly trained, so they don’t have to worry about the quality of their work. Moreover, tenants will also be receiving maintenance services to keep all the equipment in top working condition.

All of these are included in the contract they have signed and agreed to, which means there’s no need to worry about additional fees.

Cons of serviced offices

Of course, it is also important to discuss the disadvantages of renting serviced offices, so you really have an idea about this service. Here are some of them:


As mentioned above, serviced office providers include space, staff, and equipment in their offerings. This would mean that a large sum of money is needed to maintain their services. Also, due to the contracts being monthly in nature, the price you pay in renting the place may roll up over time.

Compared to the rental cost of a traditional office, a serviced office is significantly more expensive. However, you must take into account that everything you need in an office will be provided inside this workplace. Therefore, it is more expensive but only because of all the services and equipment you will be receiving, once you have agreed to the conditions.

Lack of Branding

When you’re staying in a building and you’re just renting one floor, you won’t have any chance to promote your brand. Your client will have a much harder time looking for your office. This would mean that advertising your brand could be a tad more difficult when you’re renting a serviced office in comparison to having your very own office building.

Availing a serviced office will always have its pros and cons; but it will always be up to you – the business owner – on whether you want to conduct your business inside a serviced office.

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