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Overview on Product Development & Customer Experience Innovation

What is School of Design Sprint?

Design Sprint can be tagged as an upgraded version of Design Thinking. It is a more structured approach to innovation plus other principles combined.

School of Design Sprint aims to promote sustainability of business by equipping company owners, executives, innovators, employees, or ordinary people with design methodology that will help ensure development of products or service that people wants
to use.

Why join this seminar?

• This program is an intensive and hands-on simulation designed to experience the 5-day Sprint framework that Google Ventures has used for Uber, the United Nations, Slack, Airbnb, Home Depot and more.

• It is a group experiential learning exercise that comes as close as you can get to solving real life product or service design problem.

• It’s fun, hands-on, fast-paced, and is consistently rated by participants as one of their most valuable training experiences.

• It’s a highly rated course being offered at an affordable rate!

Key Takeaways:

• Build empathy with your users and then map their journey

• Work within constraints to spark ideas & rally your team to get the most out of the combined team expertise

• Sketch innovative solutions in no time

• Make critical decisions as a group without influencing each individual team member — let the best ideas speak for themselves

• Create an effortless prototype

• Have a high level understanding of the 5 phases of Design Sprint


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